Community Sharing in North Cyprus

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC

Community Sharing

At The Foreign Residents in the TRNC we are delighted to be able to share news and resources with other members of our community on their social network sites and to share news and information to the largest local and worldwide audience.

With this initiative, we are pleased to be collaborating with the and the Cyprusscene TFR logoNorth Cyprus Forum to bring toncf logo you, the readers, the most interesting articles and news feeds that are available.

You can navigate to and the North Cyprus Forum on the web links below.

Kuzey Kibris BannerTo visit our German partner site with information and thousands of photos of North Cyprus – click here

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North Cyprus – Alsancak – Reggae Party at Habana Pool Bar

The Children in Need Foundation

Reggae, Reggae, Reggae

at Habana Pool Bar, Alsancak

By Mary Day


CiNF have organised in conjunction with Habana Pool Bar, Alsancak a fun-filled poolside Reggae party on Saturday 23rd August from 7pm.

Sarah Cox will be singing with DJ Lee following with both artists having crafted unique reggae, salsa, soca and calypso sets sure to get everyone into the mood for dancing.

I am sure with the poolside setting it will be a wonderful night bringing a little of the Caribbean to the Mediterranean.

Reggae MusicTicket price of 25tl includes Jerk chicken, rice and peas, and coleslaw, with 10tl going to CiNF

Tickets are available excluding food at 10tl – all proceeds of which is going to CiNF

Children welcome at 10tl including food.

Tickets  available from Habana Bar, Alsancak, or call Delia on 0533 839 4007


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North Cyprus – Support for Tulips by Carlsberg (TRNC)

Help those with Cancer Association (Tulips)

Support for Tulips

by Carlsberg (TRNC)

By Carole King and Sue Tilt

From September 2013 to May 2014 The Carlsberg Amateur Darts l-r Sue Tilt, Billy Hodgson, Carole KingLeague had nominated Tulips as their chosen charity for support from all their competitions and events. They raised money for Tulips via competitions, raffles and registration fees for teams. They asked us to go along to their AGM at Jessics Bar to accept a cheque which they were able to give as a result of their hard work.

We are so pleased to announce that they presented us with a cheque for 3,725.74TL, what a great achievement and we are Cheque Presentationso pleased and grateful that they chose Tulips to support.

We would like to thank Carlsberg (TRNC) which is always extremely generous in their support and willing to provide loads of trophies every year as well as dartboards and raffle prizes so a big thank you must go to the MD Mustafa Resit for his continuing support.

Billy Hodgson, who presented us with the cheque, has been the Chairman for 4 years and John Smith the Vice Chairman for 3 years, they both retired from the committee last week and took the opportunity to wish the new committee every success for the future.

Carole and Sue

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Newspapers – Is it the end of the Line? Thoughts about the printed press

Newspapers – Is it the end of the Line?

Let’s take another look

By Chris Elliott

We all perhaps like to sit and reflect on our past thoughts and opinions if only to establish what we thought might happen had happened. In October 2012 having recently moved away from writing some articles for local newspapers, I had started to initially share my thoughts with what I felt would be a larger audience.

Now in August 2014 I see in our local shops many newspapers in either Turkish or English but I doubt I canYour Daily News ever learn what their distribution or readership may be.

In the past few days whilst checking cyprusscene daily article reads I noticed my original article on this subject was still having some readings and when I checked further, I found it had still been read in increasing numbers over the past 21 months so perhaps that is a distinct advantage for on-line news over traditional off the shelf newspapers.

This means that readership of individual articles on-line can be checked by the author but I doubt they would have the same success in evaluating perhaps a traditional on the shelf newspaper of say 32 pages with many articles.

From these additional thoughts I can only say I see many newspapers being produced but perhaps the final thought on this traditional form of medium would be from my partner who said ” I have always liked to read a book and to have it in my hands and did not think a Kindle could replace this, but it has as I can now download what I want to read”.

An interesting point and perhaps we will have to revisit this subject again in the future to see what has changed in people’s reading habits.

Newspapers, is it the end of the line.

What the Newspapers Say or Not!

As an amateur writer, I have had the pleasure and pride of submitting articles to two newspapers in North Cyprus for publication and seeing many of them published.

There are many reasons that an individual would want to share their thoughts and information through the media and for me the most important aspect of writing is the preservation of the news and information for the enjoyment of the community and of course for all of the effort that went into producing this work.

Sadly with newspapers it’s unlikely that many are saved unlike books and in my youth newspapers were used to wrap fish and chips to keep them hot when you went to the fish shop. Enter the EU and the newspapers were spared this sad ending and many now have another unhappy ending.

Some would say that it is not ecologically friendly to produce newspapers and others would say the same about electronicPrinting the news equipment and things will change so only time will tell.

With these thoughts in mind I decided I would find another method of both publishing and also preserving news and then I discovered WordPress on the internet and as they say, the rest is history with the birth of

So is this a lone quest? It seems not as now we are surrounded by mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, computers and even TV’s that can bring you the news via the internet from so many sources as it happens whereas newspapers can take far longer to produce the news.

A lot of this news is taken from the electronic media source in the first place and published at high prices whereas a lot of internet news is free to access.

I must confess like my parents before me, that I still like to sit with a cup of coffee or tea on a Sunday and read the newspapers but will I one day read this news by electronic media only, we will wait and see.

Further views for our readers to consider.

Newsweek ending print edition, job cuts expected – This Just In – Blogs. Guardian ‘seriously discussing’ end to print edition – Telegraph. Via Twitter Blogs. End of the Line – Poem sent to Inside Time Newspaper. Via Google search.

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North Cyprus – The Foreign Residents (TFR) – Jumping for Dogs

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

Jumping for Dogs

We got this message about our TFR-member Jacqueline Jones via Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR):

By Angie from KAR

My name is DIGBY DOG, my Mummy Jacqueline is going to jump off the mountain near St Hilarion (with a parachute of course!) on her 70th Keith and Jacqueline with Digby DogBirthday on September 30th to help raise funds for KAR to help all my friends who are less fortunate than me and don’t have a lovely home with plenty of food & water. KAR do a great job but desperately need more funds to continue their work so please give generously.

The landing will be behind Bell Foods, Karaoğlanoğlu at approximately 12.15pm.

PS:- I AM NOW AN 11 STONE KANGOL, but when I was just 2 months old, I was tied in a sack and thrown from a van into the ravine, which gave me a poorly shoulder and lots of cuts and bruises……+ I also have another two Rescue dogs in my Family……..

If you would like to sponsor Jacqueline for her jump, you may do so at our Karakum office or Lambousa Saturday stall.

Kind regards

Picture courtesy of Living Magazine Facebook Page and to see more please click here

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North Cyprus – Tulips Benefit from Bon Giovi Concert

Help those with Cancer Association (Tulips)

Tulips Benefit from Bon Giovi Concert

By Carole King and Sue Tilt..

Ahmet Asik of All Stars Cyprus Agency Promotions (ASAP) contacted Carole, Ahmet and Sueus during the week to collect the money that they had raised for Tulips from the Bon Giovi Tribute Band Concert which was held on 12th July.

He presented us with a cheque for 2,505.65TL and, together with the donations collected by Tulips on the night of 2,572.70TL, this means that a grand total of 5,078.35TL and 2 Euros was raised for Tulips from this event.  A great result for our charity.

We would like to thank Ahmet very much for his support for Tulips and all the hard work he and his team put into making this event possible.

We presented Ahmet with a hand-made Plaque from the Association and silk tulips as a thank you for all his efforts.Tulips

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North Cyprus – State Ceremony for Turkish Cypriot Martyrs

State Ceremony for

Turkish Cypriot Martyrs

 By Margaret Sheard

A very poignant commemoration took place on 15th August when 34 martyrs from the 83 missing persons from the villages of Taşkent,Picture 3Terazi and Tatlısu were buried at a State Ceremony.

40 years have passed and people are only now laying their loved ones to rest, what a dreadful situation and there are still those who still cannot say farewell. A move towards peace could be achieved with an indication of where all of the remaining missing persons are buried and so put an end to many people’s misery. The past is the past and that too should be laid to rest, accept the truth, deal with it and then move forward to either a mutually acceptable united Picture 2island or two separate States.

I have visited Taşkent and did not know much about what happened there but I did get a very strange feeling of an atmosphere of sadness at the time.

34 of Taşkent, Terazi and Tatlısu martyrs are buried today  

A final farewell has been bid today to 34 martyrs out of 83 missing persons from the villages Taşkent, Terazi and Tatlısu among which also there were children and who were massacred near Limasol on 15 August 1974.  

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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North Cyprus – Lapta – Royal Spice Restaurant to close


Royal Spice Restaurant to close

By Muhammad Imtiaz Ahmed

It is with great sadness that I have to tell our friends and customers that in a few months time we shall be closing the Royal Spice Restaurant in Lapta as my cousin Abbas is planning toRoyal Spice  7return to Pakistan and we will now concentrate our business at the Al Shaheen Restaurant here in Karakum.

Since opening the Royal Spice Restaurant in March 2010 we have had so many customers and made so many friends and we hope to be able to arrange a few special celebration nights at the Royal Spice before it finally closes its doors.

For those businessmen who are interested, the restaurant building and car park is available for rent and I can be reached on 0533 842 2784 for further information.

Royal Spice Lapta

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