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Community Sharing

At The Foreign Residents in the TRNC we are delighted to be able to share news and resources with other members of our community on their social network sites and to share news and information to the largest local and worldwide audience.

With this initiative, we are pleased to be collaborating with the and the Cyprusscene TFR logoNorth Cyprus Forum to bring toncf logo you, the readers, the most interesting articles and news feeds that are available.

You can navigate to and the North Cyprus Forum on the web links below.

Kuzey Kibris BannerTo visit our German partner site with information and thousands of photos of North Cyprus – click here

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Entertainment – Police Inspector Xavier Bard is coming very soon!

Police Inspector Xavier Bard

is coming very soon!

By Peter Wills

Somewhat eccentric, but wiser with age, ace detective Xavier Bard still drags himself out of the office when a tasty case needs to be investigated and most importantly solved.Xavier Bard though the looking glass

He doesn’t trust his younger colleagues with their new fangled ways. Hard work, but not over exhausting, and experience are his tools of the trade. If there’s a murder, then there must be a murderer and by hook or by crook, he’ll work out who it is and see to it that they get their just desserts.

I wonder if you can do the same?

Starting soon, we shall be bringing you a whole series of crimes to be solved. A new one will be posted every week and you will have the opportunity of trying to solve the case. I wonder how successful you will be? Will you have the imagination to dig through and beyond the facts like Bard.

We’ll give you 7 days to work on the case although Bard would probably only need two! Then the following week, we’ll reveal the evidence that points to the perpetrator!

Get your notebooks and magnifying glasses ready – there’s a crime to be solved!

Police Inspector, Xavier Bard

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North Cyprus – Presentation to Tulips from Bellapais Lodge of Freemasons

Presentation to Tulips from

 Bellapais Lodge of Freemasons 

By Carole King and Sue Tilt…

Sue and I received a phone call in the week to ask us to attend the Freemasons event at the Colony Hotel on Saturday night.  The reason being was that The Bellapais Lodge of the Freemasons had decided to make a donation to Tulips / Help Those with Cancer Association and they wanted to present us with the money on the night.Tulips logo english

The Worshipful Master Peter Austin made the presentation of 5,000TL and in return we presented the Freemasons with a handcrafted plaque on behalf of the Association.

It was an amazing gesture and one that the Association appreciates enormously.  These kinds of donations are invaluable to keeping the Association running on a month by month basis.  We can only thank everyone there for their wonderful generosity.


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North Cyprus – Prime Minister promises Action on Stealth Mortgages

Prime Minister promises

Action on Stealth Mortgages

Following on from the recent Kulaksiz 5 Court Judgement, the following announcement is released by Making North Cyprus Better (MNCB).

“Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancioğlu met with a Making North Cyprus Better (MNCB) delegation recently, and promised them early action on enacting law amendments outlawing Stealth Mortgages and introducing Specific Performance for property contracts.

MNCB Picture at the Prime Ministers office

Included in the delegation were leading businessman Mustafa Toros, and MNCB members: former Chief Justice Taner Erginel, former President of the Chamber of Commerce Erdil Nami, and MNCB Joint Secretary Malcolm Mitcheson.

The delegates explained to the Prime Minister that serious injustices towards many home buyers, expatriate & Cypriot, were still going on. Until these issues were resolved the depressing impact on the property market for North European buyers would continue. This problem continues to have a serious effect on the TRNC economy and job opportunities.

Mr Yorgancioğlu was advised that unless these historical problems were resolved there would be a continuing lack of confidence to invest in TRNC housing by overseas buyers. The Prime Minister agreed that restoring confidence in the overseas house buying market was an essential driver towards economic prosperity in the TRNC.

The delegates drew Mr Yorgancioğlu’s attention to the current injustice that was due to some banks, developers and landowners exploiting the present law and property process anomalies that allows them to damage home buyers.

Kulaksiz5New legislation has already been enacted with better safeguards for new buyers, but the historical tragedies to so many home buyers had been ignored by government up until now. This is still a big issue here and internationally, by depressing the local economy and being damaging to the TRNC’s overseas investment reputation.

MNCB contention is that some developers, landowners and banks are exploiting home buying victims due to wrong interpretation of or are using loopholes in the present law. The purpose of the simple amendments proposed is to clarify buyers rights and bring things into line with good practice.

Gavel hammerA report detailing the simple law amendments was handed to the Prime Minister by Taner Erginel, who explained in detail how these injustices had occurred. Mr Yorgancioğlu agreed to implement these essential changes in law as quickly as possible and to keep MNCB informed of progress towards this. Taner Erginel agreed to assist any re-drafting and suggested that specialist legal advice should be sought to help. The changes sought will mean that any mortgage granted on land without the specific approval of contracted property buyers will be considered illegal. The Specific Performance Law will ensure that contracts are honoured and make it illegal to mortgage land already under contract. These elements are already enshrined in TRNC Mortgage & Equity Law but have been virtually ignored.

The changes to the law envisaged will make the position clear on these points. When enacted these simple changes to the law will enable thousands of home buyers to be free of the threat of repossession or additional stealth charges.

When Mr Yorgancioğlu delivers the promised amendments, in line with Mr Erginel’s advice, it will be a breakthrough celebrated by many Cypriot & expatriate home buyers.

Mr Yorgancioğlu will also have delivered a great boost to restoring the attractiveness of the TRNC property market. North Cyprus will then be well positioned to take advantage of any recovery in the European property market with a resulting increase in job opportunities.”

For more information contact MNCB joint secretaries:

Malcolm Mitcheson –

Gultac Ozsan –

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North Cyprus – St Andrews Church singing Carols at Cafe George, Kyrenia

St Andrews Church singing  Carols

at Cafe George in Kyrenia

Members of St Andrews Church Kyrenia will be visiting  Cafe George near

Carol singers the Belediyesi offices on Thursday 18th December at 11.00am and again on Saturday 20th December at 15.00pm to bring lots of Christmas cheer to guests there by singing Christmas Carols to entertain them and also passers-by.

Do go along and join in with the singing and make your voices heard far and wide at this joyous time of the year.


Christmas Carol

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North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 16th December 2014

TRNC News Today

Delek wants to make an agreement with Turkey, Egypt and United Kingdom

It is reported that the Israeli company Delek wants to make a natural gas exportation agreement with Turkey, Egypt and United Kingdom.

According to Haravgi newspaper Delek whichGas Platform joined the consortium regarding 12.parcel within South Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone, is trying to make natural gas exportation agreements with Turkey, Egypt and UK.

According to the paper, Delek looks positively to an agreement with Turkey, and principal stockholder Yitzhak Tshuva is considering all sorts of investment options in cooperation with other companies.

The newspaper also underlined that according to Israeli sources, it is not impossible even under today’s conditions to make an agreement with Turkey. The Company’s CEO – Asaf Bartfeld said that although there are some diplomatic issues between the two countries, Delek will continue its efforts towards reaching an agreement.

Read more TRNC News Today - click here!

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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North Cyprus – Kyrenia – Near East Bank Christmas Soiree

Near East Bank Christmas Soiree

By Margaret Sheard….

The Christmas festivities are getting under way in North Cyprus with so much going on.  Near East Bank, of which both Chris and I are Enjoying the Soireecustomers, have been having an annual Christmas Soiree at the Karaoğlanoğlu Branch since it opened and this is such a nice friendly occasion when customers have an opportunity to talk informally with staff members and some of the management from other NEB Branches.

While talking to another customer, he mentioned that this kind of gathering would not happen in the UK and how right NEB Christmas Soireehe is, so we feel that here in North Cyprus we have a very good system of friendly banks who like to show that they care about their customers and this annual event is just one instance of this.

There was staff from many of the other branches, all so friendly and welcoming, including James Swanson, the NEB Product Development and Marketing Manager, who used to be a near James Swanson talks to the guestsneighbour of ours and of course it was nice to catch up with Naci Karanlık, the Manager at the Karaoğlanoğlu Branch.

During the Soiree everyone was amused when James, being a rather tall man, hoisted himself onto the high counter so that he could give a short speech, in which he said how the bank values its customers and in return the bank takes good care of the investments made.

It was a delightful couple of hours, with a lovely assortment of nibbles and drinks to savour while chatting to other customers who had attended, as well as the staff members.

Some of NEB staff and Management large

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North Cyprus – NCCCT Christmas Bazaar 2014

NCCCT Christmas Bazaar 2014

By Margaret Sheard….

We have had some awful weather in North Cyprus during the last week or so and Saturday 13th December started wet and miserable again but I pushed myself to go out to visit the NCCCT Christmas So many peopleBazaar which was held at the Pia Bella Hotel in Girne and found that so many other people had the same idea, I was told later some 400 people attended the bazaar, what a great turnout.

There were many stalls set up in the dining room with so many lovely items to choose from so I was able to do a little more Christmas shopping and a treat of some lovely little cakes which are sitting in the freezer ready for Christmas.My yummy cakes

The room was buzzing with conversation and people looking around the stalls or sitting at the many tables which were set out for coffee and cake.  The event was similar to the NCCCT coffee mornings but on a much grander scale and so well attended.  It is nice to see so many familiar faces which makes us realise what a community spirit there is in North Cyprus.

There were many prizes for the raffle and at about 12.30 Angela and l-r Pauline, Mehmet, AngelaPauline started the draw. There were so many winners and I was also lucky and have a nice meal for two to look forward to at the Carob Restaurant.

The following day I received news that 10,208TL had been raised for NCCCT, what a brilliant amount which will be used for even more equipment etc. for Girne State Hospital.  NCCCT would like to pass on their thanks to all the supporters who attended the bazaar and their generosity in raising this fantastic amount.

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