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Cyprus dispute – R. Bryant’s book “The Past in Pieces: Belonging in the New Cyprus”

Rebecca Bryant’s book

“The Past in Pieces: Belonging in the New Cyprus”

Intro by Ralph Kratzer

I found the following interesting article written by Marina Christofides in the Greek Cypriot online newspaper “Cyprus Mail”.

Unlike other articles, her post describes the Cyprus conflict in a very unbiased and non populist way from the point of view of a Greek Cypriot.

Rebecca BryantAnthropologist Rebecca Bryant’s book “The Past in Pieces: Belonging in the New Cyprus” makes for depressing reading. Not just because of the suffering that both Greek and Turkish Cypriots have gone through this last half century, but also because, as its author shows, our interpretations of the past remain diametrically opposed with little hope that there will be any meeting of minds any time soon in order to pave the way for a joint future.

Bryant’s ten year study tells how the opening of the checkpoints in 2003 and the referendum that followed impacted the lives and views of the inhabitants of the formerly mixed town of Lapithos [Lapta], but did little to bring the two sides closer together.

She describes how, after the euphoria of the first days of the opening and the humanity of the early days, Greek Cypriots who crossed to the north were suddenly confronted not with their dream of how life used to be, but with reality. Initial feelings of joy were replaced by feelings of strangeness. Life in the north had gone on without them, things had changed. Someone else was living in their home, working their land.

Border TRNC

Border crossing to the TRNC

Their homes and villages were no longer their own, both because they were occupied by others, and because they were not as they remembered. “This is my home,” one woman said. “This was your home,” came the reply. Some people, when confronted with these realities, began gradually to accept they no longer belonged, that ‘real’ return might not be possible, nor something they desired, and saw that things would never be as they once were. One person considered renting a place in his village and moving back. But most felt that they were like “tourists in our own country” and apart from their initial crossing, refused to confront that reality again.

The Turkish Cypriots, after the initial welcome, began to resent what they saw as intrusions. “Why do they come so often?” they told her. “Coming once to see is one thing, but they keep coming back. It’s been thirty years! Why can’t they put it behind them?”

For Bryant, the essence of the problem is encapsulated in the poignant question that many a Greek Cypriot would ask a Turkish Cypriot, “Wouldn’t it be better if we could just go back to the way things once were?” and the silence or shrug of the shoulders with which it was met. This simple exchange shows that even our memories of our shared history are conflicting. Greek Cypriots remember that “we got along perfectly fine before politics got in the way”, recalling how they worked together in the fields, sat in front of their homes and shelled beans together, traded foodstuffs with each other, and sat in the coffeeshops and argued together.

Turkish Cypriots

Turkish Cypriots ask respect for their culture, their language, their past and their humanity

Turkish Cypriots, however, remember how those same people they used to work with in the fields changed towards them in the 1950s and 1960s, threatening their lives. Their memories are of living in crowded, squalid conditions for over a decade, with little access to their lands or to any form of livelihood, in enclaves from which they could exit only by passing through Greek Cypriot checkpoints, where so many had gone missing or were subjected to humiliating searches, reason enough for them to remain there where it was safe, relying on rations and salaries from Turkey in order to survive. All able-bodied men became fighters, including young boys, and all were responsible for guarding outposts.

Not surprising then that few Turkish Cypriots want to go back to the way we were. “We can’t go back to the past. We don’t want to go back to the past,” they told her repeatedly. “They suffered, but we suffered more. They never had two men leave home one evening and never come back.” The persistent response to the Greek Cypriot question, “wouldn’t it be better if we could just go back to the way things once were?” was, “there is no going back.” “We can’t live mixed any more.”

Read the whole article written by Marina Christofides in Cyprus Mail 

by clicking here!

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North Cyprus – Kyrenia Animal Rescue – Reggie’s tale

Will he … won’t he ? Reggie’s tale.

A  real life story from Kyrenia Animal Rescue

By Kim Betts

One of our regular homing supporters, Stefe, had recently been waiting for her chosen Centre dog, Reggie, to travel on a flight to Germany. Reggie was one of the “long stay” residents at the KAR Rescue Center. He had been with KAR since 2007 after coming in from Alsancak – he was a shy dog with such soleful eyes.

Just a short while before he was due to fly to his new home KAR had to email Stefe with some terrible news. Poor Reggie had been bitten by a poisonous snake.. He was very poorly indeed and spent quite some time at the vets receiving anti venom serum and being given IV fluids. Everyone was so worried about him – would he survive and even if he did would he be fit to travel? KAR and the vets expected not and forwarned Stefe that his flight date may need to be delayed until we knew if he was going to be ok.

Reggie, with the help of the vets and KAR staff, made an amazingly speedy recovery and with only a couple of days to go until his flight  Reggie was back at the vets having tests to see if any long term damage had been done to his internal organs – there was some damage but it was not thoreggie taking a restught to be long term. Lucky Reggie was given the all clear to fly to his new home in Germany. Everyone was delighted.

Stefe has kept us updated about Reggie, since he arrived in Germany, and here are a few words from her ………………….

“You might be curious how this older boy Reggie is doing in his new environment. Besides we called him ‘Bootsmann” (say: boatsman) after a character in a novel. I was curious too, how long adaption time would take with a soul that in almost seven years has not experienced anything else than the shelter routine. And like the younger ones he adapted enormously quickly. He soaks in new things like a sponge, he orients himself on us and the pack very much but still has a lot of self esteem. The only thing that often breaks my heart is when we enter the house or go through a gate, then he gets very nervous and begs me to come with him – like I would leave him there  – but I will never leave him anywhere – of course!

He has learned so many things – like taking the elevator, waiting at the sidewalk, he can have a rest without following Reggie enjoys a paddleme through the apartment. He took a swim, he went to the doctor, he can jump into the car, like he has never done anything else. He runs, runs and runs in the woods and our heart is jumping. He is so gentle and nice and relaxed. I know there are many more like him in the shelter. I wish more people would adopt dogs instead of ‘shopping’ them from a breeder.

In the meantime Bootsmann (Reggie) is enriching our lives so much. He sometimes acts like a puppy. He is not afraid of anything tries out everything that comes along and is so gentle. He has gained muscles and jumps and runs and is very happy (we hope) “

Bootsman (Reggie) is just one example of how even “old dogs can be taught new tricks” and the happiest trick for them to learn is how to become part of a loving “Forever” home.

KAR has 11 dogs being prepared for new homes outside of the TRNC. 3 rescue centre dogs are going to “forever” homes in Germany. 3 rescue centre dogs are waiting to go to their “ forever” homes in the UK. 5 KAR tag street dogs have new “forever” homes in the UK and all are undergoing their export process.

To give a rescue dog or cat a home will not change the world, but it will change the world for that animal.

That is certainly true for Bootsmann (Reggie) and the others waiting patiently to go.

If you can offer a home to one of our center dogs- or fall in love with one of the KAR tag dogs – please contact us at or call 0090 533 8694098.

Reggie with his friends

Reggie with his friends

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North Cyprus – President Eroglu´s meeting with Secretary General Ban ki-Moon

President Eroglu´s meeting with

Secretary General Ban ki-Moon

Upon his arrival in the TRNC, President Eroğlu evaluated his contacts Dervis-Eroglu LHto the press, and said he had a very fruitful meeting with UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon in New York.

President Eroğlu also met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Foreign Affairs Minister of Pakistan and the Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in New York.

President Eroglu also mentioned the conference planned to take place in Columbia University of New York which was cancelled because the school administration said “We cannot provide your security”.

Read more TRNC News Today – click here!

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North Cyprus – Chemist Rota – October 2014

Chemist Rota – October 2014

chemist logo

By Trevor Hughes

I have compiled the Chemist Rota for the month of October 2014 for the Girne/Alsancak/Lapta areas and this can be viewed by clicking here

Please note that as the chemist rota is published a month in advance it could be subject to change.

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North Cyprus – Trevor’s Tips – October 2014

Trevor’s Tips – October 2014

Sharing News

By Trevor Hughes

Lost Log Book

One of our readers mislaid his logbook recently and needed a replacement, for obviousTRNC Vehicle Log Bookreasons. If you are in a similar position, you will need to go to the main police station nearest to where you live and report the matter to the police.

They will take your details and the details of your car and make out an official form. You will need to provide a 10TL stamp. Then go to the Vehicle Registration office in Lefkosa to obtain a replacement taking with you, your passport and your entire car related documents. The new log book will then be processed, whilst you wait and the cost for replacing the new log book is 200TL.

Another reason to keep only copies in your car, with the originals kept in a safe place at home!!!

Unfair Police Practice?

A number of Dagli Sigorta customers have been involved in road traffic accidents recently, when the driver of the other car was clearly the guilty party. The police officers thought differently and classed the accidents as “bump for bump” and waved the cars on and advised the drivers to go through their respective insurance companies for necessary repairs.

It is not “rocket science” to guess why, the guilty drivers in all cases were local people and their documents were not always requested by the officers, for examination.

On your behalf, I have asked the British Residents Society to bring the matter to the attention of the Chief of Police when they have their regular meetings with him. He needs this bringing to his attention that some officers are not carrying out their duties in the spirit of the Law for which it is intended. When the BRS comes back to me I will report back to you all.

Applications for a TRNC Driving LicenceUK Driving licence

Take note, the office for the initial application of a TRNC driving licence has moved. It is now in a posh white building located very close to the Lefkosa main police station.

Cyprus Observer Newspaper

The volunteer writers from are now collaborating with the new look Cyprus Observer newspaper to share many of its news and reviews articles for those who like to read their brand of news in a nice newspaper.

This week the new Cyprus Observer website also goes online to share news and reviews as part of the community sharing news programme so that individuals can read the same news in their choice of media.

Cyprus Observer Newspaper.

Cyprus Observer website. website (click here).

The Foreign Residents in The TRNC (TFR) website (click here).

Read all Trevor´s Tips about Burst Pipes, Insurance Documents, Imported Cars, Passport Renewal, Sirinyali Beach Front Bistro and Bar, British Summertime Ends, Bayram Holidays by clicking here!

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North Cyprus – Greek Cypriot footballer declared traitor

Greek Cypriot footballer declared traitor

A Greek Cypriot footballer – Dimitris Vasiliu who has come under fire in the recent days for being transferred to Değirmenlik football team in theDimitris Vasiliu TRNC, is declared a traitor in South Cyprus. First reactions against the footballer appeared in social media. Later some Greek Cypriot fanatics invaded  Vasiliu’s home yesterday and  shouted ‘Traitor Dimitris’. Greek Cypriot police had to remove the crowd from Vasiliu’s home. Dimitris Vasiliu later made a statement and said he is not a traitor and added he wants to be a ‘peace envoy’ for paving the way for uniting football in the Island.

Vasiliu who gave an interview to the Greek internet newspaper ‘’, said “I admit  sincerely that if I knew that my transfer would  make such a fuss, I would not have transferred. I wanted to go there only to play football, football is my hobby, I love football and do not want to give up football”.  Vasiliu said that he was welcomed in North Cyprus but he and his family are insulted, accused and have had rough times in the South.

On the other hand, the Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros reported that after the news about his transfer to Değirmenlik broke out and caused heavy criticisms, Vasiliu who works in a public economic enterprise in South Cyprus was asked to make an explanation.

Furthermore Fileleftheros reported that, Marios Lefkaritis, Co-chairman of UEFA and Honorary President of Greek Cypriot Football Federation (KOP), was very annoyed by Vasiliu’s transfer to Değirmenlik football team and said that it was totally unacceptable, and such actions are forbidden until a solution to the Cyprus problem is achieved. On the other hand the Chairman of Değirmenlikspor – Emirali Öztüccar made a statement and said they transfered Vasiliu to support the process going on between the two sides’ football federations in order to unite football in the island.  Öztüccar expressed he wished the tension  would end and Vasiliu play in their team.

Read more TRNC News Today – click here!

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North Cyprus – Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services – Golden 60’s Night – 17th Oct.

Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services

Golden 60’s Night

By Margaret Sheard….

Auntie Plantie Productions presents…Golden 60’s Night, hosted by the Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services.

The event is on Friday 17th October starting at 7.30pm and will be held in the superb new venue of Le Chateau Lambousa in the old theatre which has been beautifully refurbished.1 friends-of-the-trnc-emergency-services-sml

Werner and his ‘Steam Machine’ disco will keep the evening going with a swing and a surprise guest singer will be belting out the songs that we can all remember the words to! Guests are invited to come as they are or to dress for the era.

A chicken and chips (or vegetarian option) supper and all local drinks are included for 60tl per person.  Invitations are available at Lambousa Saturday Market or you can reserve your places by calling Brenda on 0533 840 7834 or Jenny on 0533 876 1483.

Remember the equipment you help to buy today could save your life tomorrow!


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