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At The Foreign Residents in the TRNC we are delighted to be able to share news and resources with other members of our community on their social network sites and to share news and information to the largest local and worldwide audience.

With this initiative, we are pleased to be collaborating with the and the Cyprusscene TFR logoNorth Cyprus Forum to bring toncf logo you, the readers, the most interesting articles and news feeds that are available.

You can navigate to and the North Cyprus Forum on the web links below.

Kuzey Kibris BannerTo visit our German partner site with information and thousands of photos of North Cyprus – click here

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North Cyprus – Whirling Dervishes again at Bellapais Abbey for Tulips – 31st Oct. 2014

Whirling Dervishes again at

Bellapais Abbey

on 31st October for Tulips Pink Month

By popular request we have arranged to have the Whirling Dervishes back at Bellapais Abbey on Friday, 31st October at 8.30 p.m.

This has been arranged as part of Tulips Whirling DervishPink Month (for Breast Cancer Awareness) and the tickets are 15tl.  On the evening there will be a draw for a bottle of Pink Bubbly and a wrought iron Whirling Derviş donated by Pat Burns of Iron Works.

Tickets will be on sale at the Best Seller Bookshops in Karakum and Alsancak and at our stall at Chateau Lambousa.

You know how you all enjoyed it last time, so come again and have a great night out and contribute to something very important.


Carole and Sue

To remember the 1st Whirling Dervishes Event in September 2014 – click here!

Whirling Dervish 31.10.14 poster

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North Cyprus – Rugby – Cyprus Pumas to meet the NEU Tigers – 25th Oct. 2014


Cyprus Pumas to meet the NEU Tigers

Celebrating the start of their eleventh season this could be a year of complete change for the Pumas, with the intriguing possibility of matches against teams from the South on a regular basis. Several talks have been happening over the past few months and the Pumas have been accepted into the Cyprus Rugby Federation league – now the hard work starts of trying to get the matches played.

This Saturday (25th October) sees the first game of the 2014-15 Season for the Cyprus Pumas with a match against the NEU Tigers. This is another exciting development in the history of rugby in the TRNC and Pumas & Tigers logo mdmcould hopefully even be the start of a mini league within the North. The Tigers are based at the Near East University, Lefkosia and there seems to be a strong squad coming together under the leadership of several players currently studying at the University from Zimbabwe.

Together with the Pumas players and some from the Eastern Mediterranean University, who have been training during the hot summer months on Glapsides Beach in Famagusta, there should be a pool of upwards of fifty players eager to try out the sport and hopefully grab a shirt for the league matches starting next month.

Club Chairman Hakan Temizyurek said “it is great to get a game of rugby going so early in the season for Cyprus. Hopefully we will be able to pull together several more matches over the coming weeks and get the impetus going to once again see the sport of Rugby Union played regularly in the TRNC and hopefully at all of the universities.”

11 Nedim İlkay Demirtaş - Once a Puma always a Puma

This Saturday’s match is primarily a training game to get the season started, but it will still be highly competitive and will have the added pressure of being played in honour of Ilkay Demirtaş, who was tragically killed in a cycling accident in Turkey two years ago this month. Always remembered as a staunch Pumas player and several former Pumas are planning to guest in this weekend’s match. ONCE A PUMA ALWAYS A PUMA!!!!  To read more of this past event please click here!

The venue is the EMU Stadium, Famagusta 99450 with the kick off scheduled for 2.15pm Spectators are very welcome and although there will be no formal entry fee there will be a chance to make donations towards the costs of staging the match.

Full details and up to the minute information can be obtained by ‘liking’ the Pumas Facebook page (Pumas rufc) or by visiting the Pumas website click here!

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North Cyprus – ‘Fish’ will open very first Golden Island Int. Film Festival – 6th Nov. 2014

‘Fish’ will open

the very first

Golden Island International Film Festival

The Golden Island International Film Festival (GIIFF), in partnership with Creditwest Bank, is delighted to announce that the Opening Night film for the inaugural festival will be Fish (Balık), a touching tale about a family that turns to tradition to heal where modern medicine has failed, but find their lives radically

Fish film imagealtered as they go against nature. The film, by award-winning Turkish Cypriot director Derviş Zaim, will receive its Cyprus premiere on Thursday 6th November at the Girne American University. The director and stars from the film, Bülent İnal and Sanem Çelik, are expected to attend the Kyrenia opening gala event, along with special guest actors Demet Akbağ and Erdal,Özyağcılar who will be the first recipients of GIIFF’s Honorary Cinema Award along with director Derviş Zaim.

In Fish, Zaim again puts the spotlight on the relationship between humans and nature. A fisherman, his wife and their young daughter who is unable to speak live in a tranquil village on the shores of a lake. Their story starts with the mother relying on local superstition to seek a rare fish she believes can cure her daughter. She finds the fish, but little goes to plan after, and their lives take a series of severe and unexpected turns when the father makes decisions that go against the grain of nature.

Yeşim Güzelpınar, GIIFF director, comments: “It’s fitting that Cyprus’ new international film festival opens with one of its most acclaimed directors, Derviş Zaim. His new film Balık sits squarely within our Environment cinema strand, tackling the strained bonds Golden Isle film festival lrgbetween humans and nature. The film is both beautiful and bold in message: here’s what happens if you keep messing with nature.”

Director Derviş Zaim said: “I am thrilled that Balık has been selected to open this new and promising film festival for Cyprus.”

Fish is written, directed and produced by Derviş Zaim and both the films leading stars have worked with him before. Bülent İnal, best known for TV series Bitmeyen Şarkı and Ihlamurlar Altında, featured in Zaim’s 2006 film Cenneti Beklerken. Sanem Çelik captivated Turkey in the title role of TV series Aliye, and won the Best Actress award at both the Istanbul and Adana Film Festivals when she appeared in Zaim’s Filler ve Çimen.

Emre Oskay is the Executive Producer. Natali Yeres is the film’s Art Director, Taner Tokgoz the Director of Photography, music is by Marios Takoushis and editing by Aylin Zoi Tinel. The film was financially supported by both the Turkish and TRNC governments.

The 1st Golden Island International Film Festival, in partnership with Creditwest Bank, runs from Thursday 6 – Thursday 13 November 2014 in a variety of venues in Cyprus. The full programme will be announced on Friday 31 October.

Waiting for the films to start

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TRNC News Today – 22nd October 2014

TRNC News Today

Greek Cypriots show strong response to

UK, Sweden and Finland

It has been reported that the Greek Cypriot Administration showed a strong response to the UK, Sweden and Finland for the prevention of sending of a ‘note’ by the EU to the UN in relation to the European Union ParliamentTurkish activities in the so called Exclusive Economic Zone of South Cyprus. Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros reported that the content of the note is ‘very harsh and strong’ and the ‘main actor’ of this issue is London.

According to the paper Greek Cypriot government Spokesman Nikos Hristodulidis made a statement and said that the attitude of these three countries is an unfortunate development.  Nikos Hristodulidis said that the UK has displayed this attitude in order not to make the atmosphere worse. EDEK also made a statement and said that the attitude of the UK, Sweden and Finland is unacceptable and provocative and also claimed that this action is a hostile behaviour towards an EU member country.

Read more TRNC News Today – click here!

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Cyprus Crisis – UK Foreign Office explains non support of EU demarche to the UN

UK Foreign Office explains non support of

EU demarche to the UN

Barbaros ship_2The Foreign Office has attributed the UK`s reluctance to support an EU demarche at the UN regarding Turkey`s incursion into the Republic of Cyprus`s Exclusive Economic Zone to its desire to avoid further tension.

In a statement to the Cyprus News Agency, a Foreign Office spokesperson said: “The UK did not support the EU demarche at the UN because this was an unusual procedure that risked raising tensions and frustrating the UN`s facilitation of the settlement talks. We want to reduce tensions and to encourage the parties to resume settlement talks. That remains our aim.”

Noble natgas platformThe spokesperson repeated a previous statement stressing that the UK “recognizes the Republic of Cyprus` sovereign rights to exploit mineral reserves in its EEZ”, and that it remains London`s position that “such resources should be exploited for the benefit of all the communities in Cyprus.”

The statement adds: “We regret that Turkey`s announcement of exploration activities in the eastern Mediterranean has raised tensions and call on all parties to avoid inflammatory actions or statements.”

“This incident underlines the importance of a comprehensive settlement. We therefore hope that settlement talks can resume as soon as possible. The UK strongly supports the UN`s efforts to facilitate a lasting settlement,” the statement added.

Barbaros shipTurkey has recently announced its decision to illegally interfere in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus. The Turkish scientific ship Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa, accompanied by two other support vessels, will carry out a seismic survey from 20 October to 30 December 2014 in the southern sea of Cyprus and more specifically in blocks 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9 of the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus. For that purpose, Turkey has already issued a navigational telex directive, through which it designated certain areas of the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus as reserved.

Source: Cyprus Mail CNA

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The Foreign Residents – 17th Annual General Meeting – 18th October 2014

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

17th Annual General Meeting

18th October 2014

By Ralph Kratzer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe 17th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) was held on Saturday, 18th October 2014, again at the Silver Rocks Restaurant in Lapta, and was attended by more than 60 members.

Heinz Nauroth, Chairman of the association, opened the meeting at 11.35am and welcomed all TFR-members being present.

Ralph Kratzer was nominated as being the Meeting Secretary and Robin Melhuish as the Meeting Chairman for the day.

Mr. Nauroth spoke of the two members, Brian Self and David Halstead, who sadly passed away in 2014.

The Meeting Chairman Robin Melhuish then examined the quorum of the AGM. It was achieved as more than 20% of the actual total members of the club were present.


Chairman´s report

In his Chairman´s report Heinz Nauroth gave a summary of the numerous last year´s events like the highly praised Christmas Dinner in December 2013 at the Deniz Kizi Hotel in Alsancak with the unforgettable live show of the sketch “Dinner for One” presented by the members Carolyn Hartley and Horst Gutowski. Other successful events in 2014 had been inter alia a bus trip to Famagusta including a guided tour through the historical old town, the Easter Picnic in Pinarbasi, a tour to the “Mavi Kösk” and the Maronite village Korucam, the two interesting visits of the newly built Gecitköy water pipeline and dam and the “hidden village” Akincilar, and last but not least the authentic “Bavarian Oktoberfest” one month ago.

(Note: To remember the above mentioned persons and events – click on the bold and underlined links. Get back to this article then by clicking the “back-arrow” in the upper left corner of your screen!)

Heinz then gave a short outlook of the next planned Christmas Dinner at the newly opened Merit Royal Hotel on 6th December 2014 plus other events in the queue for next year.

Last but not least he thanked the association´s Cemetery Subcommittee and all his colleagues of the main Committee for their good and effective work in the past year.

Heinz Nauroth closed his speech with a reference to the actual number of active members of the club (246 from 21 different nations).


Secretary´s report

The Chairman´s report was followed by the reports of the Deputy Chairman, Willy Lindh, about travels and trips of TFR; the Treasurer Horst Gutowski´s report about the financial status of the association; the Secretary Ralph Kratzer´s report about the development of the club´s website and Tommy Rognmo´s report about last year´s work of the Cemetery Subcommittee concerning burials and their dealing with the local authorities.

The next topic on the agenda was the Auditors´ report. The Auditors Ruth Reiter and Margaret Sheard had checked the book-keeping of the Treasurer some days before the AGM and had found no problems.

The discharge of the Committee for the period since the last AGM in October 2013 was agreed unanimously by the members present, as well as the discharge of the Auditors.


Pamela Tschersich


“Brad” Bradley

The Chairman Heinz again took the floor and suggested (instead of having stand-by-members as in the past) to enlarge the Committee by 2 additional full members for special tasks. The AGM-voters agreed that Pamela Tschersich and Richard Pete Bradley be appointed.

He then explained that several minor amendments to the constitution of the association had to be made. The members had been informed about these changes in detail before the meeting. The amendments were therefore agreed by a large majority of the AGM.

As Auditors for the following period of 2 years Lynn Hartill and Petra Wendt were suggested by the Chairman and elected by the members.

The rise of the annual membership fee from 30TL to 40TL was also agreed by most participants of the General Meeting.


TFR members having lunch

Last point on the agenda was the election of the Committee. The AGM voted unanimously that the previous Committee members should be reinstated for the period of 2 more years.

After that last point, the official part of the meeting ended and most of the members present enjoyed the ensuing lunch at the Silver Rocks and the opportunity for an extensive chat among like-minded.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

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North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 20th October 2014

TRNC News Today

President Eroglu sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon

President Derviş Eroğlu sent a letter to the UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon regarding the latest Dervis Eroglu (2)developments in Cyprus.

President  Eroğlu asked the Secretary General  to use his mission  of good offices and facilitate  the return of the Greek Cypriot side to the negotiation table without any preconditions, in order to reach a just, sustainable and negotiated solution.

Turkish Cypriot Municipalities Association participated in the General Assembly of the Council of Europe Local Administrations and Authorities Committee

Turkish Cypriot Municipalities Association participated in the General Assembly of the Council of Europe Local Administrations and Authorities Committee that took place between 13-16  October in Strasbourg.

President of the Turkish Cypriot Municipalities Association,  the Mayor of Gönyeli Municipality – Ahmet Yalçın Benli, and Member of Board of Directors of Turkish Cypriot Municipalities Association  the Mayor of Güzelyurt – Mahmut Özçınar represented the Association.

Mayors Benli and Özçınar made attempts for the effective application of the rights of Turkish Cypriots vested by the General Assembly decision no.340 of the Council of Europe.

Mayor Mehmet Harmanci: “Let’s make Lefkosa a peace model”

Mayor of Lefkosa Turkish Municipality – Mehmet Harmanci said Lefkosa Mehmet Hamancicould be a  peace and reconciliation model with joint cooperation programs.

Mayor Harmanci, who gave  an interview to the  Greek Cypriot daily Haravgi, stated that he proposed  to his Greek Cypriot counterpart Konstantinos Yorgacis the issue  of joint  cooperation  programs which would affect the daily lives of both Turkish and Greek Cypriots  and  will make Lefkosa a peace and reconciliation model.

Mayor Harmancı stated that he met three times with his Greek Cypriot counterpart Yorgacis and  besides their ideologic differences, they believed they could work on certain joint  issues and gave the  ‘Rally Cyprus’  as an example.

Harmanci pointed out that he and Yorgacis also discussed whether they can benefit  from international financers  for  implementing a master plan concerning the buffer zone in Lefkosa.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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