North Cyprus new post codes

New Post Codes for North Cyprus

The Secretary of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC, Ralph Kratzer, has Postmanshared with their members the new post codes from the article in the 13th February edition of Cyprus Today and in the event that any of our readers did not see this article we are publishing the link to the TRNC Post Office where you can view the post codes for your information and future use.

Note: The new 5 digit code has to be written under the code “Mersin 10 / Turkey” which still remains a part of the address.

To find the post code for your area click here

By Margaret Sheard

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12 Responses to North Cyprus new post codes

  1. Question and answer posted in on the same article.

    Jenny Tyler commented on North Cyprus new post codes

    How do you know which is yours? �We live in Alsancak but is it 99350 or 99360? I think the 99360! � Jenny



    Hi Jenny, I am not an expert on these things but hopefully to clarify I have highlighted the village names and when you translate KÖYÜ it means village and Mah is an abbreviation for Mahalle which means Quarter or Ward according to the “Redbook”.

    So for anyone to decide which is their post code is, select the nearest village or area in which your property is located.

    Perhaps in the not too distant future when buying items on line you will be able to give your post code and your location may come up on the verification system. Now that will be the icing on the cake of progress!

  2. herbert kaggwa says:

    what is the postal code for, ecevit caddesi girne kibris?

  3. vikingqueen says:

    I heard that UK postal services has Embargoed “Mersin 10, Turkey”

  4. Ben Bel says:

    How about Eastern Mediterranean University’s Address.. I want to receive a mail from home. How should the address appear?

  5. charlie says:

    am schooling in emu but when I sent the postal code mersin10 they said it had to be a code. please help

    • tfrsecretary says:

      Sorry Charlie, WHO said it had to be a code? I know some Internet mail order houses will accept on a numeric code as a proper zip code. If its like that just put in the 5-digit-code you got from our website. But that parcels or letters arrive correctly in North Cyprus the address has to contain: name, street, house number (if any) or better post box, 5-digit-code of the place you live, and then Mersin 10, Turkey. This last part is needed at the central hub in Istanbul to show the mailing should go to Northern Cyprus. If your mailing does not come from abroad you may not need the Mersin 10, Turkey.

  6. hello if my address is near east university, what am i supposed to put for country is it north cyprus or turkey

    • tfrsecretary says:

      First get the right address of NEU either from the rectorate or their website, if you then look at the comments on the bottom of our post you will find the answer for your question what should be the complete address, thank you!

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