GAU – Serhat Akpinar – A Man with Vision

Serhat Akpinar – A Man with Vision

We were recently granted an interview with Serhat Akpinar, the Founder and Chancellor Serhat Akpinar (2)of Girne American University. We duly arrived at the appointed time and were shown to his office where he came out to greet us and invited us in. We stepped into the office and I stood in amazement as not only was it a huge room but there was a host of antique items everywhere. I must have stood for quite a few moments with my mouth open as it was such a surprise. There was a parrot in one corner of the office which has been Serhat Bey’s companion for 18 years. I later mentioned that I expected a very minimalistic office of perhaps leather, chrome and glass.

We could see that Serhat Bey was amused at our Right to left Serhat Akpinar, Margaret Sheard, Chris Elliottreaction and he said that he had just received permission from the Authorities to open a private museum at the University. This is something we hope to be able to see at a later date while the project is progressing and when it is completed.

We settled down to begin the interview, firstly asking if a personal profile would be in order and the reply was that this was perfectly alright…………………….

This is one of the most important and enlightening articles about the reality of what can be achieved here in North Cyprus despite what the rest of the world would like to believe or prefer, so to read more of this article with other reference articles plus fascinating pictures and video do click here

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