North Cyprus – My beloved Alsancak – a Village in Transition

My beloved Alsancak –

a Village in Transition

By Ralph Kratzer

Alsancak_7Around 10 kilometres west of Girne (Kyrenia) on the north coast of Cyprus lies the village of Alsancak at the foot of the Besparmak mountain range.

It was built on the ruins of Lambousa, one of the ten ancient city-kingdoms of Cyprus. The old Greek name for Alsancak “Karavas” came from the word “karavi” which meant ship and this name came from the fact that it was, in the past, very often frequented by ships.

Alsancak_11More about Lambousa – click here:

The Alsancak region has some of the most favourite beaches on the Cypriot north shore with clear waters and pleasurable sandy coves. The most popular ones are Kervansaray beach (run by the Girne Municipality), Escape beach (also known as  Çıkarma Plaj, which can be translated as Landing beach, as it was the point where the Turkish Navy landed during the peace intervention in 1974), Denizkizi Hotel beach and Mare Monte beach (a former hotel strand which is now a public one, run by the Municipality of Alsancak). Not to forget Bamboo beach (now Oris beach) and Camelot and a few smaller ones.

Due to this potential Alsancak became one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Cyprus during the past few years with plenty of hotels and holiday villages welcoming local and foreign guests throughout all seasons of the year.

But not only the number of tourists increased, Alsancak also became a popular residential area for foreigners and locals, which can be seen with the many new buildings that have appeared in recent years.

Alsancak_12Despite the rapid population growth, Alsancak has preserved its old charming face in many parts of the village. The people are friendly and mostly relaxed, the typical Turkish coffee shops downtown being frequented the whole day long.

Although it is only a village or let´s say a small town,  there are plenty of supermarkets and other shopping facilities, so you don´t need to go to busy Kyrenia to get most of your daily needed goods.

Alsancak_6Besides the beaches Alsancak has another well known sight, the Peace and Freedom Museum, reminiscent of the days of the military confrontation between the Turkish troops and the Greek /  Greek Cypriot forces in 1974. Read more about this by clicking here:

Alsancak_10Although the mains water is rationed by the Municipality during the hot summer months, there is plenty of ground water in the soils of Alsancak, which can be seen in the number of private wells that contain water throughout the year. Therefore, there are still a lot of orchards in the village, where all kinds of citrus trees, olive trees, carob and other cultivated plants bear their fruit.

All in all a nice place to live…


About tfrsecretary

Born in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany in 1957, I was educated at a Baccalaureate High School. Later completed Technical University with a degree in Economic Informatics. I served for 12 years in the German Army before joining a French computer company for another 10 years. Then ran my own motorcycle and gastronomy businesses before deciding to retire. I arrived in North Cyprus with my second wife in 2004 and since her sad loss in 2011, I have kept myself very busy trying to help others with similar problems and in 2012 became the Secretary of “The Foreign Residents in the TRNC” (TFR). I am very keen to see expat communities coming together and playing their part in helping North Cyprus, our adopted homeland.
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5 Responses to North Cyprus – My beloved Alsancak – a Village in Transition

  1. richard wall says:

    hi there i am thinking of buying a property there is it a nice place to live cheers

  2. Nicolas says:

    Herb Ralph kratzer ,as I text you before I said that I travel all over Germany with my family,as I said my wife comes from Mannheim. I visited your home town oAugsburg near Munchen many times ,and I am very sad to see that you promote an illegal regime occupying the Kyrenia district by force and especially my beloved Karavas .shame on you ,but I think I have met you in Karavas,when I visited our illegally occupied properties .one of them was the big car carnage that is now turned into a huge supermarket. On the side the building there was an uphill road to a house. On the left there were together with the carrage(supermarket) a huge piece of land( there used to be lemon groves) that my father together with the bus company called lambousa , with his hard work had built. On that dirt road, after the small house on the right there was built a big house by a German and his Turkish wife..he was to us very very rude and aggressive when we visited our occupied l properties .if that person was you ,I hope and wish you that you follow your late wife SOON

    • tfrsecretary says:

      Mr. Nicolas, normally I do not answer comments like yours. Our website is not a political one, we just want to entertain and inform our readers. I decided to approve your comment to let our readers know, what kind of hate and envy still is in the minds of many Greek Cypriots. Although I am not the person you pursue with your hatred, I’m still personally affected how someone can go so far as to wish another human´s death. As long as things like this happen there is no chance for a peaceful living together of both ethnical groups in Cyprus.

  3. Nicolas says:

    Mr. Ralph ,thank you for your message ,but please let me correct and enlighten your knowlage on a few points you mentioned. On the point of hate ,you are very wrong . There was and is not now any hate from us towards the Turkish Cypriots .ovne small example, my youngers son best friend is a Turkish Cypriot boy called Tyran that he knows for 15 years and our famiiies visit each almost every week. His grandmother knew my father back in Cyprus since 1955. We do not hate Turkish Cypriots ,but we hate injustice. On the point I made earlier about you and your late wife, I do apologise again ,but that was made with the assumption if you were the German person we met in Karavas in our property he built the house he was living in . He behaved like an animal tha made my mother very distress and in tears.after all he was squatting in our land.just imagine if I did go toAugsburg , to your parents or relatives house and threw them out by force,took everything they had and started living in their house and property as if it mine!!! I had some Turkish propaganda emailed to me amongst other things ,their point of view about the events that occurred around Christmas of 1963 saying how the Greeks planed to slaughter the Turkih people of Cyprus. In 1963 I was 7 years old. As I mentioned befor my father was a business man Who amongst them had the bus and coaches journey tha run from Karavas to Kyreniafhen through the bogazi pass where a few Turkish restaurants were situated then through

  4. Hâle says:

    Nicolas, my late grandmother lost 3 properties in Limassol. How dare you blame anyone for what began as attempted ethnic cleansing by the greeks. You have a very selective memory given Enosis & your theft of the Cypriot Constitution in 1963.
    Mr Ralph, well done to you for fostering peace & goodwill. If anyone should be ashamed it is the very person who allows his bias to become vitriolic bile.

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