Once a Biker – always a Biker – The Final Curtain?

Once a Biker, always a Biker!

 The Final Curtain?

By Ralph Kratzer


The Moto Guzzi California 1100

In my article “Once a biker, always a biker – My personal History on 2 and 3 Wheels” of October last year, I described the obsessive passion since my childhood for anything that can be moved on two or three wheels. I also commented how much my heart bled as I had to leave my beloved Moto Guzzi in Germany when emigrating to Cyprus. To remember the post – please click here!

My deceased wife Heidi was, after my serious motorcycle accident more than 10 years ago,  strongly opposed that I should ride on a bike ever again and I accepted her request.

From pure cost reasons I nevertheless decided two years ago to purchase an economical scooter. The vehicle was baptized with the name “Lulu” and did not only bring savings in the costs at the fuel pump, but a lot of fun as well.


Scooter “Lulu” on the road

In December 2013, I was invited by a friendly couple to take a close look at their sports car, which had been imported from England (to remind my post “Men with Petrol in their Blood” please click here). On this occasion I was offered by my friend Naci to use his Harley Davidson for the trip from Alsancak to Esentepe, which I gladly accepted.

From that moment on I was “back on the drug“.  I only can imagine that motorcycle addiction is similar to nicotine addiction or other addictions, it is very difficult to get away from it!

Then Naci offered me at the beginning of this year to buy his motorcycle and I was about to take it.

Bikers Club

But first I wanted to look once again into the Bikers Club in Girne, just to have comparisons.

Taykun, the boss of the Harley-Shop had probably already discovered the sparkle in my eyes when entering the premises, even though I insisted that I just wanted to look around. Anyway, he led me through the showroom and showed me different models. After a while he casually said: “that’s all nothing for you, but I’ll show you now a machine that  is the right one for you!“  How could he know my passion for black and chrome? To me it is still a mystery. Perhaps the intuition of a good salesman?


The Harley Davidson Sportster XL 1200

Now I stood in front of “her”. A Sportster XL 1200 Custom Limited Edition in matt black. I was probably standing there a while with my mouth open, immediately my memories came back to my “Aunty Guzzi” (as I used to call her) and the wonderful time we had together. Taykun was smart, he noticed that I melted away. So he pushed his offer to sell immediately, he gave me good conditions and had the fish on the hook! I just could not say NO…!

I imagine many people and especially women, now saying: “Yes, typical man in midlife crisis!“ But that is not the case here, because these men use a great car or motorcycle to impress young women or as a substitute for anything else. That bores me, my girlfriend is about my age and that’s a good thing. By the way, I did of course taken her to the Harley dealer the next day to find out what she would think about the machine, and she was thrilled! What more could a man desire?

It may not seem reasonable to drive such a heavy bike even at my age, but I thought: “if not now, then when?“ I am near the end of my fifties now, in 10 years I’ll probably be too old for such a thing.

Final CurtainBut I suspect the Harley will be my last love on two wheels – The Final Curtain, so to speak…! (Life is a theatre… isn´t it?)

Incidentally, over the last days I was looking for a name for the Harley – it had again to be a female name! Don´t ask me why… My girlfriend suggested “Black Betty” after the song of Ram Jam end of the 1970´s. Do you remember? If not, do watch the video below!

I think it is a very good name!

P.S. Scooter “Lulu” is for sale now! If interested contact tfrsecretary@gmail.com.

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About tfrsecretary

Born in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany in 1957, I was educated at a Baccalaureate High School. Later completed Technical University with a degree in Economic Informatics. I served for 12 years in the German Army before joining a French computer company for another 10 years. Then ran my own motorcycle and gastronomy businesses before deciding to retire. I arrived in North Cyprus with my second wife in 2004 and since her sad loss in 2011, I have kept myself very busy trying to help others with similar problems and in 2012 became the Secretary of “The Foreign Residents in the TRNC” (TFR). I am very keen to see expat communities coming together and playing their part in helping North Cyprus, our adopted homeland.
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