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KAR Advice

Beware Processionary Caterpillars

By Diana Peek – Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR)

BEWARE!! It is much earlier in the year than usual, but they are starting to appear.

One of our members was walking their dogs today (23rd January) and they are all over the place on Diana Beach. If they are there, then they’ll be coming out all KAR Advice - Bewareover the place. I keep on about these every year, but please keep a very careful eye open for them on your walks and in your gardens, because they are very dangerous to cats, dogs and humans. They breed in cocoons and hang from trees (usually pine/fir) until they come down to ground level.

The symptoms are very obvious and animals need to be taken to a Vet immediately. For those who have not come across these horrors and don’t know what they look like, please check them out on Google, Yahoo or whatever, but please take them seriously.

The following video shows these fascinating creatures but be warned they are dangerous. And you can read more of the danger of these caterpillars by clicking here.

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