Chef´s Choice – Cypriot Recipes – Sheftalia / seftali kebab

Cypriot Recipes

Sheftalia / şeftali kebabı

Caul fatSheftalia (Turkish: şeftali kebabı) is a traditional Cypriot food. It is a type of sausage without skin, that uses caul fat, or omentum, the membrane that surrounds the stomach of pig or lamb, to wrap the ingredients rather than sausage casing.


Sheftalia_21/2 kg minced pork or lamb shoulder or leg

4 onions, finely chopped

2 slices dry white bread (rest of yesterday’s breakfast) , dipped in water

1 bunch parsley, finely chopped

caul fat

salt, pepper


Sheftalia– Mix all ingredients except caul fat. Knead well.

– Lay out caul fat and cut into small square pieces. Mould 1 spoon of meat mixture into a sausage shape and place onto each square. Wrap caul fat around each piece and tuck the ends in to contain the filling.

– Grill them on the charcoal barbecue or gas grill until golden brown.


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Born in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany in 1957, I was educated at a Baccalaureate High School. Later completed Technical University with a degree in Economic Informatics. I served for 12 years in the German Army before joining a French computer company for another 10 years. Then ran my own motorcycle and gastronomy businesses before deciding to retire. I arrived in North Cyprus with my second wife in 2004 and since her sad loss in 2011, I have kept myself very busy trying to help others with similar problems and in 2012 became the Secretary of “The Foreign Residents in the TRNC” (TFR). I am very keen to see expat communities coming together and playing their part in helping North Cyprus, our adopted homeland.
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