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TRNC News Today

Press release of TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding announcement by Greek Cypriot administration of Southern Cyprus of unilateral 3rd round of tender for hydrocarbon research

The Turkish Cypriot side is continuing its efforts to reach a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus in the shortest possible time within the year 2016 through UN-facilitated negotiations. Regarding the natural resources of Cyprus, we are witnessing the continuation of unilateral activities by the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus as a result of internal political concerns. In this connection, the Greek Cypriot side announced, on 24 March 2016, the third licensing round tender for hydrocarbon exploration in unilaterally-declared parcels 6, 8 and 10. At a time when the intensive negotiations are ongoing, the Greek Cypriot side should refrain from taking steps which would harm the current positive atmosphere.

TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In light of these recent developments, we find it necessary to emphasize, once again, that the Turkish Cypriot side, as one of the two equal partners on the island of Cyprus, have rights over the existing natural resources in the territorial waters of the Island, and that it has an equal say, as that of the Greek Cypriot leadership, in all decisions pertaining to the exploration, exploitation and exportation of hydrocarbon resources.

The Turkish Cypriot side maintains its view that until a comprehensive settlement is reached, the best way forward is to conduct the exploration, exploitation and exportation activities of natural resources found around the Island within the framework of mutual cooperation between the two sides.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our call on the Greek Cypriot leadership to focus on the UN-led negotiation process and demonstrate a positive approach to reaching a settlement in the shortest possible time based on established UN parameters and the Joint Declaration of 11 February 2014……. 

Press release of TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the third international tender for off-shore hydrocarbon exploration by the Greek Cypriot Administration

We have learned that the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA) has called for a new international tender for off-shore hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation licence within its so-called exclusive economic zone.

At a time when negotiations for a comprehensive settlement aiming to establish a new partnership in Cyprus have reached a critical phase, the tender decision of the GCA disregards, on the one hand, the equal and inalienable rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot side on natural resources of the Island and, on the other, violates Turkey’s rights in the region stemming from its continental shelf.

Examining the so-called licence areas in the aforementioned tender, we observe that an important segment of the area number 6 remains within the outer limits of Turkey’s continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean, as has been registered before the UN.

Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs

As it was strongly emphasized by the previous statements of the Ministry regarding this issue, Turkey will never allow foreign companies to conduct unauthorized hydrocarbon research activities within its maritime jurisdiction areas, and will not hesitate to take all necessary measures to protect its rights and interests in its continental shelf.

Moreover, it is concerning for all sides that the Greek Cypriot side continues to act as if it were the sole owner of the Island, ignoring the fundamental rights on natural resources of the Turkish Cypriot people who are co-owners of the Island and making decisions unilaterally involving such resources at this very moment when it needs to clearly demonstrate its will for establishing a new partnership with the Turkish Cypriot people.

In this framework, we invite all countries and companies that may consider to conduct hydrocarbon exploration works on the basis of invalid licences that the GCA may endeavour to issue, to act with common sense and take the will of Turkish Cypriots, the other founding people in the Island, into consideration and not to take steps that will negatively affect the settlement process of the Cyprus issue.

Leaders to meet again today

President Mustafa Akıncı and the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades will meet again within the framework of the ongoing negotiations today. The meeting will be held at the building allotted by the UN for the negotiations in the buffer zone.

Akinci and Anastasiades

President Akıncı called for Greek Cypriot side to avoid steps which will harm the negotiation process

Stating that there are some issues that affect the negotiation process although they are not a part of the negotiation chapters, President Akıncı called for the Greek Cypriot side to avoid steps which will harm the negotiation process.

Speaking to the press after the meeting with the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide, Akıncı stated that he shared his concerns with Eide regarding the issues that may affect the negotiation process that have not been discussed yet. Akıncı described the meeting as “useful”.

Stating that one of the factors that affects the negotiation process is the exploration activities for natural resources in the South of the island and the negotiation process was dissolved due to this issue, Akıncı said, “Neither side want to experience a similar situation again so the Greek Cypriot side should act more carefully.”

Indicating that the natural resources under the sea belong to both sides, Akıncı said that the natural resources will be under the authority of the federal government in case of an agreement. Akıncı added that the natural resources may contribute to the cost of the solution and all parties will gain advantage in this way.

Referring to the issue of the new tenders regarding the natural resources in South Cyprus, Akıncı said that he shared with Mr. Eide their concerns regarding the issue of the new tender that has been covered in the media.

Stating that they received information that some “Turkish Cypriot” and “Romany” families were evicted from their houses in Limassol, Akıncı asked “Why is this happening now?” and added that he hoped to receive more information from the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades about this development at the leaders meeting on Monday.

Akıncı to have contacts in İstanbul, Berlin and the UK

Mustafa AkinciPresident Mustafa Akıncı will travel to İstanbul, Berlin and the UK in April in order to hold various contacts and attend conferences.

Akıncı will first travel to İstanbul to attend the 18th Eurasian Economic Summit in April.  He will then hold his overseas contacts upon the invitation of German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin between April 11 and 13. He will also attend a round table meeting at Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

President Mustafa Akıncı will then be back in İstanbul from April 14-16 for the 13th Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

At the end of April, or possibly the beginning of May, Akıncı will travel to London upon the invitation of the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. The exact date and programme of the visit to London will be announced later.

TRNC Tourism was promoted at MITT Moscow 2016 Tourism Fair

TRNC tourism was promoted at the Moscow International Travel & Tourism Fair (MITT) which was held in Moscow between the dates of 23-26 March, 2016.

MITT tourism fair

Russian tour operators, airlines, travel agents, tourism authors, tourism companies, restaurants, tourism associations, hotels, cruise companies, tourism marketing companies and many professionals in the tourism sector showed an interest in the fair at which nearly 1,800 companies from 150 countries established stands.

South Cyprus is the third poorest country in the EU

The Greek Cypriot Haravgi newspaper reported that South Cyprus is the third poorest country in the EU according to the study of the European Parliament.

South Cyprus 3rd poorest country

The newspaper also indicated that poverty in South Cyprus increased recently and 27.4 percent of the Greek Cypriot people are living at the poverty line.

Stating that this percentage equals to 240,000 people, the newspaper pointed out that the highest poverty increase rate is in South Cyprus with 4.1 percent after Greece and Spain.

NEU, Yale and Marmara universities will research new gene variants

A cooperation protocol has been signed between Yale University, Marmara University Department of Medical Biology, Near East University Department of Medical Biology and the Genetics and Cancer Diagnosis Research Centre.

NEU, Yale, Marmara

It was stated that initially they will be working on two projects which involve the ‘New gene variants that depicts Mendelian Genetics and which have not been studied until now’.

Head of Centre of Excellence and Genetic Cancer Diagnosis-Research Centre of Near East University Prof. Dr. Nedime Serakıncı expressed that through their project they targeted to identify certain genetic syndromes and diseases by considering alleles in the gene pool of the TRNC and therefore evaluating risks for the future generations.

NEU Medical Faculty in the list of World Medical Faculties

NEUThe Near East University Faculty of Medicine has been included in the list of the World Medical Faculties which is a joint initiative of the World Medical Education Federation, International Medical Education and Research Development Foundation, and has been composed with the cooperation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Copenhagen University.

Dean of the NEU Medical Faculty Prof. Dr. Gamze Mocan expressed that NEU’s taking place in such a list will enable the graduates of the Medical Faculty to take professional education and to work as a doctor throughout the world including the USA.

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