North Cyprus – Trevor’s Tips – May 2016 – Sharing News

Trevor’s Tips – May 2016

Sharing News

By Trevor Hughes……

Citizens Advice Cyprus

I have it on good authority [Pembe herself] that she has now given up running the Citizens Cyprus Office in Çatalköy. For those whoCAC logo wish to retrieve their personal papers they should go to the Bloomsbury Properties office on the other side of the road, next to Capital Bank.

Bloomsbury Properties can be contacted by email  at

Second Hand Car Purchases

I have said many times before, buying a second hand car here is fraught with danger. As an example, there was a used car for sale on a car lot in Alsancak, which would have been a category D “write oCar Insuranceff” in the UK.

I know that because the car was written off by Dagli Sigorta. The car being sold had no airbags fitted and the mileage turned back [clocked]. The nature of some of the damage was all the “A” and “B” posts being damaged to the point of being unsafe. The “A” and “B” posts are vital to the safety of the driver and his/her passengers. This is only one of many cars being sold which should not be on the road.

Please make as many checks as possible on the vehicle before you purchase it!!

Passport Entry Stamps

For those who do not wish to have a TRNC entry stamp in their passports, you now have a choice. The options are now, having an entry stamp in your passport or completing a visa sheet which overcomes having a stamp entry.

Temporary Residence

The annual cost of a Temporary Residence Permit has risen to 233TL per year.

New Location for the DHL Office

The new DHL office is now located on the mountain sidDHL Express for passportse of the Çatalköy main road and is run by “HIRE IT” which is opposite “Pit Stop” on the other side of the road. Click here for more information.

Useful Phone Numbers

These phone numbers may come in handy sometime.

Larnaca Airport Information Desk 00 357 251 230 22

British Airways [BA] 00 357 240 0841

Lost and Found Luggage 00 357 248 047 16

UK Income Tax Rebate

My wife and I tried to apply for some income tax rebate.

This is the reply we received……

“From the information provided we would be unable to help you claim a UK tax rebate for your UK pensions. The reason for this is that, there is no double taxation agreement between the UK and Northern Cyprus which allows for tax relief for this. If you require further clarification on your particular situation we suggest contacting HMRC directly regarding your UK tax affairs.

I am sorry we are unable to help further on this occasion and thank you for contacting tax rebate services.

 Kind regards.”

So much for being a diligent tax payer for over forty years.

 Cyprus Marble, Girne

I have recently had a new fire place supplied and fitted by Cyprus Marble in Girne. Their quality of service was very good indeed and the quality of the fitment, excellent.  I have negotiated up to 10% Dagli Sigorta image smldiscount for Dagli Sigorta customers who want a high grade product with excellent service.

Well worth considering if you require either a marble or granite work surface for your kitchen, or even matching floor/wall tiles.

Bayram Holidays

May 19th – Atatürk Commemoration and Youth & Sports Day

This annual Turkish national holiday is celebrated to commemorate the beginning of the Turkish War of Independence launched by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk landing in Samsun, the best landing point Mustafa Kemal Ataturkon the Black Sea coast on May 19, 1919. The day commemorates the liberation of Anatolia and Istanbul which were occupied by the naval forces of foreign countries.

Atatürk himself proclaimed May 19 as “Youth and Sports Day” and it thus serves to honour the country’s founder. During this holiday ceremonies are held across all Turkey as well as North Cyprus and top civilian and military officials attend a ceremony at Anitkabir, Atatürk’s mausoleum in Ankara.

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4 Responses to North Cyprus – Trevor’s Tips – May 2016 – Sharing News

  1. Iain McKinlay says:

    When did you ever get a stamp in your passport? Now you present passport at the border and you pass through. No paperwork an certainly no stamp.

    • tfrsecretary says:

      Iain, you still get a stamp in your passport at Ercan airport, god knows why…? I do not know how it´s about when you arrive with the ferry boat from Turkey, you certainly get no stamp at the boarder crossings to South Cyprus.

      • Iain McKinlay says:

        We have been coming here for about fourteen years. Initially via Turkey then to Erçan – no stamp. I have gone to Turkey, by plane, and back no stamp. Since the borders opened we have flown via Larnaca. Initially, we had a form to complete on entry and departure, but never a stamp. Last year we just had to show passports, again no stamp. Never tried the boat – my wife suffers from sea sickness!

      • tfrsecretary says:

        I do not exactly know what you mean with a stamp, I actually come back from a trip to South Africa with my British girlfriend and the procedure at Ercan airport is still the same as it was all the years before, you get the departure from TRNC and the entry into TRNC stamped into your passport. In former days we had the stamp on the white visa paper, this is gone now and you get the stamp into your passport. I have no clue why you never got your entry and departure stamped….?

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