North Cyprus – Gastronomy – Los Amigos, Girne


Los Amigos, Girne

By Kathy Martin…

Irina and Durmaş Aşkar are a delightful couple and they have owned Los Amigos for the last two and a half years. Alistair and I have been regular customers since then. Very easy to find, it is between the Bellapais traffic lights and the New Harbour roundabout in Girne/Kyrenia.

Chris Elliott at Cyprusscene has been encouraging me to write blogs about my lunchtime restaurants, hence this blog.

Durmuş and Iryna Aşkar and Hafij - waiter

Durmuş and Iryna Aşkar and Hafij – waiter

Since my darling Alistair died, I had avoided coming here as, to be perfectly honest with you, I do NOT like hot food! On the other hand Alistair loved it.

However, they do make the tastiest Prawn Salad along with various other non-spicy dishes.

When I first returned to Los Amigos, about four weeks ago now, I was welcomed back like a long-lost relative. Hafij said that they had frequently seen me, on my own, in the car, so they had Los Amigos Restaurant, view to the left and sombrero with guitarsurmised something had happened to Alistair. Often drive past up to the lights on my return journey home to Doğanköy.

The delightful Hafij, speaks excellent English, for those of us not completely proficient in Turkish, as Irina’s English is fairly limited.

This Saturday, 28th May 2016, I was the only English customer. There were two small parties. One, a mother and her young daughter and the other comprising three generations and a large group of five couples.

They have a wonderful Mexican Sombrero and guitar, which was worn by the young daughter, with great hilarity from her mother. I felt it would have been too intrusive for me to take a photo!…… 

Los Amigos customers 28-5-16They have a large variety of Mexican dishes for gastronomes (lovers of good food). Also, they serve pizzas, along with pasta dishes and salads, so a very good wide selection of meals.

The prices are very reasonable, my extremely tasty lunch of Avocado and Goat’s Cheese Salad (20tl) and two Tuborg beers cost me 34tl. For my English readers, just under £8!

As some of you know, I have to walk with a stick and although this restaurant is not wheelchair accessible, the few steps up to the entrance for the walking disabled can be Menu selectionseasily managed, as they have a handrail. Also, the lavatories are clean and well-maintained.

Irina Aşkar recommends booking for the evening on 0392 444 6789, as they can get very busy.

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