North Cyprus – Charity – The Ziyamet Special Needs School Garden Project continues

The Ziyamet Special Needs School

Garden Project continues

By Claire Lamb……..

Whilst most sensible folk were planning a relaxing, sunny Sunday spending time with their families, going out for a leisurely lunch or just chilling in the garden, 6 mad men and women decided to spend their day rubbing down a table and chairs and staining them or painting a wall!  However it was all in a good cause and will hopefully be a nice surprise for the children when they go to school!

The Ziyamet garden project continues! picture 1

As many readers know we are planning to make and plant a sensory garden at the special needs school in Ziyamet in the Karpaz.  Before we get down to work on this there was quite a lot of preparatory work to be done first.  Much of the land has been cleared and a table and seating donated for the mothers to sit in comfort, chat and watch their children using the playground equipment.  Once the land was cleared it soon became obvious that the wall surrounding the garden would benefit from a coat of paint before concrete, soil and plants etc go in.

The Ziyamet garden project continues! picture 2

An appeal was put out on Facebook for donations of paint – the more colourful the better – and wood stain for the furniture.  In a very short time we were inundated with offers of paint, rollers, trays and stain, all of which were gratefully received.  Luckily we also had a merry band of workers willing to give up a whole Sunday to paint as much of the wall as the donated paint would stretch and stain as much of the furniture as possible.

The Ziyamet garden project continues! picture 3

We got there at 9am before the heat really hit and sorted out a game plan……ish!  Everything is flexible here!.. Gail and Glen Quelch set to, sanding down the table and chairs, whilst Adem Bayman, David Vesey, Bob Lamb and myself started with the base coat of paint for the wall.  With several breaks for water, beverages or snacks – not to mention time out to chat to curious onlookers – the time quickly moved on.

The Ziyamet garden project continues! picture 4

Before we knew it, it was 4pm and we had run out of stain and base coat paint and the “puzzle” was coming together.  Instead of leaving the wall plain we “pieced” together a plan and painted a giant jigsaw puzzle along the wall to brighten it up.  All in all a very good day’s work – tiring but fun and oh, so well worth it!

Please watch this space for more news from Ziyamet very soon and in the meanwhile I leave you with more images from the Ziyamet Special Needs School click here.

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