North Cyprus – Animal Care – KAR’s Glad Rags, Karakum – Big Is Beautiful Week

KAR’s Glad Rags, Karakum

Big Is Beautiful Week

By Margaret Sheard…..

There will be a selection of women’s clothing sizes 18 upwards at KAR’s Glad Rags from 6th to 10th June, which will include swimwear, tops, trouser, shorts, lingerie, dresses and much more, and all items will be displayed on dedicated rails.

1. Glad Rags at the new KAR offices

Glad Rags at the KAR offices

The shop is located at the KAR office in Karapasa Plaza on the main road travelling east from Girne and is between Cagra Yapi Market and the Stroll Inn restaurant, it is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm, so why not go along and see what you can find from the many bargains on offer at the Glad Rags Big is Beautiful week.

Glad Rags is yet another means of raising funds by Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) so, while choosing something nice for yourself, you are also helping the Centre and the unwanted dogs and cats of North Cyprus.

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