North Cyprus – Gastronomy – Happy Valley Restaurant, Catalköy


Happy Valley Restaurant, Catalköy

By Kathy Martin…

Having written a few restaurant reviews, it suddenly dawned on me that I have not written a review of, probably, my favourite restaurant – namely The Happy Valley in Çatalköy (for non-Turkish aware readers this is pronounced Chatalkuyr (-ish!)

Cottage in Çatalköy in 2006

Cottage in Çatalköy in 2006

When Alistair and I arrived here on 7th May 2006, we called in on our way back to our rented cottage in Çatalköy and immediately were impressed by Riaz, the landlord, who has an excellent sense of humour. We discovered that he had recently taken over the restaurant in October 2005.

This unpretentious looking place is hiding a treasure of delights!

HHappy Valley Restaurant and Landlord Riazis prices are very reasonable and everyone I know who has eaten one of his very tasty curries agrees that they are excellent.

For people, like me, who do not “do” hot food, he has an excellent range of other foods on offer, as the picture Riaz uses on his Facebook page shows.

There is also a good range of light snacks for those with a desire for a smaller meal.

Selection of food on offerAlistair was fond of his Mexican Omelette (far too spicy for me!) and the Two eggs and Chips.

The scrambled egg is “to die for” – far better than anything I have ever managed to scramble myself (but you do have to bear in mind I am not a cook!)

This is a very friendly place and Riaz and Manu will ensure you have an excellent visit, whether for lunch or an evening meal.

Happy Valley compilationThe Happy Valley is very easy to find. Driving out of Girne/Kyrenia towards Esentepe, the restaurant can be found on the left hand side of the road, just after the turning to the Shayna Beach.

Evenings, especially now as summer is approaching, can get very busy, so please call Riaz on 0533 847 1024 to reserve a table.

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