North Cyprus – Vox Pop on BRT2 Television – And back to Jamie Vincent’s Guitar Club

Vox Pop on BRT2 Television

And back to Jamie Vincent’s Guitar Club

By Engin Dervişağa……..

Jamie the man in BlackIt seems a lot of people are interested in guitar music and perhaps learning to play guitar so I made a return visit to The Lodge, Catalköy to meet Jamie Vincent aka Jamie the Man in Black again, where he was teaching a group of enthusiastic students how to play guitar and to find how his classes were progressing since we last met.

I have met Jamie a number of times since he moved from Turkey to North Cyprus with his wife Teresa three years ago and during that period he  became a highly rated guitarist and entertainer in the local hotels and restaurants.

They had been thinking of moving back to Turkey due to uncertainties over work permits but as he has one to perform in multi venues, it was decided they would stay and in the short-term he would concentrate on teaching others to play guitar at 3 clubs he is currently running.

Jamies guitar club in actionLocal fans should not worry as he is continuing to play at a number of his favourite venues and as he said “I can always increase my gigs during the 2016 season if I wish”.

For those readers who would like to learn more of Jamie do visit his Facebook page click here or his new website click here

You can watch this fascinating show on Vox Pop programme on BR2 Live on Sunday 3rd of July at 15.00pm, click here  and it will be repeated on Wednesday  6th July at 11.00am…… 

If you wish you can also watch a number of my past Vox Pop shows which can be selected for viewing by clicking here

For Radio Lovers do also tune in and join me on BRT Radio on Saturday  at 19.00pm for my programme Top Twenty which is compiled by DJ Bora and this show is repeated on Sunday at 15.00pm. We are transmitting this on 6.150 MH/z. Short-wave, 87.8 and 105 FM Stereo or tune click here

For those local readers who have interesting hobbies or interests who think it could make an interesting subject for a TV show, do please send me a message.

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