North Cyprus – Entertainment – Starlux Cinema presents Week commencing 15th July 2016

Starlux Cinema presents

Week commencing 15th July 2016

We give below the films which are being shown at the Starlux Cinema, Karaoğlanoğlu for week commencing Friday 15th July until Thursday 21st July 2016.

Starlux cinema 15th July 2016

Film showing Mars VIP Jupiter Pluto
ICE AGE 5: Great Clash
(94 Minutes)Ice Age
 18:00, 20:05, 22:10

Turkish sub Titles 



10:45, 15:30


The Legend Of Tarzan (3D)

(110 Minutes)

13:30, 20:40

Turkish sub titles

11:15, 15:40



17:35, 22:00

Turkish sub titles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Through the Shadows (3D)

(112 Minutes)  

turtles sml

15:50, 18:15

Turkish sub titles



Independence Day 2

New Threats (3D)
( 120 Minutes)

Independance day sml

11:00, 23:00

Turkish sub titles 


Turkish sub titles

The table above shows the start times of the individual films in the 3 film studios and where it states sub titles, these will be in Turkish. For further information visit the Starlux Facebook page click here or call +90 392 444 3777

Starlux 3

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