North Cyprus – Animal Care – KAR offer Thanks and Birthday Wishes to Alan Peek

KAR offer Thanks

and Birthday Wishes to Alan Peek

Message from Kyrenia Animal Rescue…….

Alan Peek, a keen supporter of KAR, celebrated his 80th birthday in June at Acmenya Restaurant in Alsancak and requested that instead of presents, guests contribute to two local charities – Tulips and KAR. Some guests felt they had to contribute something more tangible than money, but nevertheless a very creditable 800TL was collected on Alan Peekthe day and handed over to the charities concerned. As people get older their wants and needs of presents lessen and Alan felt that donations were a way of thanking the charities for their hard and dedicated work.

Alan, when 77, was one third of the Birdmen of Alsancak, others being David Ray and Don Attwood, who between them raised in the region of 5,000tl for KAR. To remember this event – click here!

Working on the theory that it’s better to give than receive, Alan hopes that more people will follow his example and request “no presents” at birthday and anniversary celebrations so that KAR will benefit.

Thank you Alan from all of the KAR cats and dogs – it was a very Happy Birthday for you and for them….

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