Northy Cyprus – KAR Trio leave the TRNC and the Troubles in Turkey behind them

KAR Trio leave the TRNC

and the Troubles in Turkey behind them

By Kim Betts…….KAR Pet Travel…….

What is this green stuff they call grassMany residents of the TRNC have been watching the attempted Coup in Turkey unfold before them with concern and worry. None more so probably than owners John and June whose 3 dogs Sandy, Scruffy and Spot were due to leave the TRNC on July 19th for a new life in the UK. They would, as part of their travel plans, be spending the night at Istanbul Ataturk Airport before continuing onto Heathrow.

Following checks and discussions with Turkish Airlines, Istanbul Cargo and Heathrow – I was reassured to hear that most flights had recommenced and were flying according to the schedule. The 3 dogs could travel as planned.

Sandy, Scruffy and Spot set off from Ercan in the evening of the 19th and spent the night with the Special Cargo Dept at Istanbul before flying on to Heathrow the following morning. I was able to give John and June updates about the dogs during their journey.

Snoozing by the tvOn arrival at Heathrow the dogs completed their UK entry process quite quickly and they were ready to greet, and be taken home, by John and June when they arrived from their own flight later in the day.

As you can see all 3 dogs are settling well – albeit Spot seems a bit wary of that green UK stuff that is called “grass” !!!!

For them the TRNC and the troubles in Turkey are now a long long way away.

Here’s wishing them many Happy Days  – full of lovely things for them to enjoy (grass, snow, rain, walks with no poison, clean beaches to walk on, woods to run freely in and many more).

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