North Cyprus – Roots Regatta 24th/25th September 2016 – Race Entrance Invitations

Roots Regatta 24/25th September

Race Entrance Invitations

The Roots Bar, Kücük Erenköy is sponsoring a weekend of kayak/canoe racing on 24/25th September 2016 and races will include:

  • Men’s single                                                 Ladies single
  • Men’s double                                               Ladies double
  • The Bay Bumps                                           Mixed double
  • 4 x relay race                                               Slalom

Roots Regatta invitation imageThe event is to raise money for wildlife and environmental charities such as KUSKOR, SPOT and the trails associations. This is a fun event, so anyone can enter but we expect the competition will be hot – so get fit!

Kayaks/canoes can be borrowed and if you are willing to lend a kayak for the event, please contact us.

Individual and team kayakers are expected to raise sponsorship of at least 250TL p.p.

To enter, please send the following details by email to

Name:            …………..

Event:             (men’s/women’s single/double) relay slalom

Kayak:             I have a kayak/canoe/ I need to borrow a kayak / I will lend a kayak.

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