North Cyprus – Review – Tribute to Delia Heptonstall by her Sister Clare Serginson

Tribute to Delia Heptonstall

by her Sister Clare Serginson

Carole King and Sue Tilt have sent us a very poignant tribute by Clare Serginson in memory of her sister Delia Heptonstall who died here in North Cyprus following a long battle with cancer.

By Clare Serginson…..

In Memory of My Sister Delia Heptonstall

On Wednesday 20 July a large gathering of friends and family said a very personal, colourful and happy memory filled goodbye to a very special lady, at the beautiful setting of The British Cemetery in Green Hills.

In 2002 Delia decided to leave the busy world of advertising in London, and made the opportunity to retire early to Northern Cyprus.

GardeningChancing upon a tiny single storey house on an undeveloped plot, in the pretty village of Catalköy, Delia used her creativity and design skills and with unstoppable energy and an absolute joy of doing from a blank canvas, provided herself with a beautiful, colourful, quirky home and garden. The latter was her passion, so was always a work in progress, where she loved to just pause and sit in one of the many corners and enjoy the different vistas she had created and reflect on how lucky she was.

All this the perfect setting to entertain and enjoy the giggles and laughter of the many friends she had made over the 14 years here.

Over the last 6 years Delia coped with cancer with such a positive determination, making every opportunity to smile and laugh, never complain, nor for a moment allow this awful disease to define her.  Such an important part of her approach and coping therapy was to be with her friends.

She was always delighted and amazed at the simplest gesture of support and time given and overwhelmed by the sheer generosity on many occasions.

This last chapter was such a cruel, unexpected and fast developing bolt from the blue and sadly beyond even Delia’s determination.  Yet Delia greeted everyone with a beaming smile and delighted in the love and affection that surrounded her.

Delia loved life, her friends, her animal family, her home, her garden – SHE LOVED CYPRUS.Tulips

I would like to thank the staff at Tulips for the help they had afforded Delia over the last few years and most recently for promptly providing everything to make her more comfortable.

In Delia’s name friends generously donated over 2,000TL to Tulips.

Special thanks to The British Cemetery Committee who offered such compassionate care on a difficult day.

Finally, I will always remember her sense of fun and have her smile forever carefully locked in my heart.

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