North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 16th August 2016

TRNC News Today

President Akıncı: “Our mission is to create conditions for sustainable peace on this Island”

Yesterday, President Akıncı delivered a speech at a military ceremony at the Taşkent martyrdom where the remains of 33 martyrs were remembered and buried after they were found and identified by the Committee of Missing Persons.

In his speech he emphasized that his mission is to create conditions for sustainable peace on the Island and that this is the biggest responsibility for future generations of Cypriots.

Akinci - sustainable peace

“After all these years, I am still striving to create a new period in which a better future will be shared and there will be no more blood and tears in this land.”

The negotiations have been continuing with the support of Turkey, the President noted.

President Akıncı also spoke of 82 Turkish Cypriots who were taken from Taşkent, Terazi and Tatlısu to the prison camp in Limassol and killed 42 years ago. President Akıncı stated that these killings came to light after one survivor decided to make a public statement.

There are still around 200 Turkish Cypriots and 900 Greek Cypriots who are missing. President Akıncı noted that the CMP was currently searching for those who are missing at 4 sites located in military zones…… 

126 Martyrs from Muratağa – Sandallar and Atlılar have been commemorated

126 Turkish Cypriots from Muratağa – Sandallar and Atlılar that had been martyred have been commemorated with ceremonies.

126 Martyrs commemorated

In his speech, the Head of Muratağa – Sandallar and Atlılar Martyrs Memorial Association Ahmet Aşır stated that a fifteen-day old baby and ninety year old elders were among the 126 Turkish Cypriots killed on 14 August 1974.

Aşır said, “We live in peace and tranquillity thanks to the Turkish army. We do not want to lose these peaceful days. If the Turkish army had not come, all the Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus would have been killed like those in Muratağa, Atlılar and Sandallar. The Turkish army guarantees peace on the island.”

At the end of his speech Aşır reiterated his gratitude to veterans.

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