North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 19.8.2016

TRNC News Today

Akıncı: “If it is possible to provide the basis for multi-lateral meetings at the upcoming seven meetings, September can mark the beginning of a new period”

President Mustafa Akıncı returned to the island after holding meetings in Ankara.

Akıncı stated that the seven scheduled meetings in August and September may well be the beginning of a new period within the framework of the negotiation process.

Akinci to Ankara

Akıncı advised though that if we cannot get a result in 2016 reaching a solution afterwards may be impossible.

Speaking at Ercan Airport before leaving for Ankara Akıncı said “Our aim is to reach a solution in Cyprus and Turkey shares the same goal.”

Asked if there is a Plan B if a settlement cannot be reached in 2016 Akıncı said that it is necessary to move the TRNC’s economy and democracy forward while trying to solve the Cyprus issue.

It is undoubtedly very important to show the necessary political understanding and flexibility en route  to the solution. In parallel to this, both sides should see each other as future partners and show that they are ready to live side by side and respect each other’s rights.

Akıncı criticized Greek Cypriot statements that they will not accept any Cyprus settlement that does not include the return of Güzelyurt, or that includes Turkish guarantees.

President Mustafa Akıncı participated in a live CNN Turk broadcast after completing his official programme in Ankara.

Responding to a question regarding Turkey’s guarantee, President Akıncı said, “If the Greek Cypriots do not behave improperly towards the Turkish Cypriots, there will not be a response from Turkey against the Greek Cypriots.” Akıncı said that they want Turkey to take a role to ensure Turkish Cypriots’ security in order to prevent unwelcome behaviour. President Akıncı also added that they are looking for a mutual agreement in this regard which would not create a threat for the Greek Cypriots……. 

Spehar: “The UN’s role to support a solution to the Cyprus Problem will need to be looked at in detail”

The Greek Cypriot press covered the UN Secretary-General`s Special Representative on Cyprus Elizabeth Spehar’s interview on the UN online magazine “Politically Speaking”.

Elizabeth Spehar

Spehar said, “If indeed the leaders and the two communities in Cyprus ultimately agree on a settlement deal, then the UN’s role related to support the implementation of the solution will need to be looked into in detail.”

Indicating that the Security Council already signalled some time ago that it expected there to be contingency planning for a settlement, Spehar said that some thinking has already begun.

Spehar also stated that much will depend on what the leaders will ask from the UN as well as the contours of the settlement proposal that they will reach.

Greek Cypriot Daily Cyprus Mail: “Erdoğan’s positive message could be a good sign for the talks”

In its editorial the Cyprus Mail, published in South Cyprus, evaluated the statements made by President Mustafa Akıncı and the President of the Republic of Turkey Tayyip Erdoğan during their press conference in Ankara.

Akinci in Ankara

Mainly the article states the following:

“Wednesday evening’s Erdogan-Akıncı meeting and the subsequent comments made by the two must have disappointed the Greek Cypriot parties and media because they did not offer much ammunition for the normal fighting talk. They were not even able to use the traditional adjectives, such as “provocative” and “unacceptable” to describe the Ankara comments, focusing instead on interpretations and repeating their well-known positions about a settlement.”

“It is understandable that Erdogan’s comments after the meeting took the Greek Cypriots by surprise, because they were positive, forward-looking and supportive of the settlement efforts. He said: “The aim of these efforts is that this year a new partnership would be established in which both sides would be able to live within the framework of UN parameters. It is a condition to find a Cyprus settlement that would ensure the rights and security of the Turkish Cypriots.” Could anyone find fault with these views? “

“Some could say that Erdogan stuck to generalities about the future, not wanting to reveal Turkey’s position in the talks. While nobody could rule out this possibility, if he really wanted to undermine the negotiations, which enter an intensive round of meetings next week, he could have made a couple of remarks, calculated to antagonise the Cyprus government and the parties, but he did not. He even avoided mentioning the supposed necessity for Turkish guarantees, thus allowing room for some compromise to be reached on the matter at the talks.

While the Turkish side’s plans and intentions will become clear at the negotiations that resume next week, the fact that Erdogan’s message was positive could only be described as a good sign for the procedure.”

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