North Cyprus – The Main Event on BRT Radio – with Brian Delaney – 20/08/2016

The Main Event on BRT Radio

with Brian Delaney

By Denise Phillips…….

My guest this week on The Main Event is Brian Delaney who I first met 18 years ago when he formed a Rock and Roll band in North Cyprus.Denise Phillips and Brian Delaney

Brian came to North Cyprus 20 years ago with a background of working as a fireman and had come originally from the Twickenham area. Over the years in the TRNC, Brian has worked as an entertainer in many hotels and has been a resident entertainer for the past 15 years at the Courtyard Inn Karakum.

He also has a deep interest in helping charities and in particular the cancer and heart related causes and has even shared his past fireman’s skills in fitness training and first aid including resuscitation with a number of local organisations.

Brian and I chat about the many aspects and experiences of the TRNC over the past years and he also shares with us, his choice of favourite music which we will be playing for you on Saturday 20th August at 15.00 pm and you can reach this show wherever you are online by following the links below.

This show will also be repeated on Sunday 21st August at 11.00am to 12.00 noon. For those listeners who would like to learn more please visit her Facebook page by clicking here

Happy listening and do have a great weekend…..

To go direct to Bayrak International Live to listen to these shows by live streaming on your PC at Cyprus local time by clicking here  

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