North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 5.9.2016

TRNC News Today

Schulz optimistic about the reaching of a solution to the Cyprus problem

In a statement to the German newspaper “Rheinische Post”, the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz has outlined that efforts to solve the Cyprus problem should be concluded as soon as possible.

Martin Schulz

In the statement – which was also published in the Greek Cypriot newspaper Alithia – Schulz stated that for the first time, he detected in Ankara the sincere intention of Turkey and Greece regarding the settlement of the Cyprus issue.

Stating that the intensified negotiation process which is currently underway is an important development and that this process should be concluded as soon as possible, Schulz also noted that the European Union should contribute financially, as much as politically, to the island’s reunification.

According to Alithia’s report, Schulz stated that a solution to the Cyprus problem would be a “great message” for Europe in a difficult time…… 

TRNC delegation attended the “Tour Natur 2016 Fair” in Germany

A delegation from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) attended the “Tour Natur 2016” in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Tour Natur

The delegation promoted the TRNC’s nature tourism at the fair as part of the TRNC’s overseas tourism promotion and marketing activities.

This year, the fair – one of the largest trekking fairs in the world – was in its fourteenth year, and attracted almost 40,000 people. The fair included over 260 participants who promoted more than five thousand trekking destinations over three days.

HASDER’s folk dance group attended festival in Portugal

The Folk Arts Foundation HASDER represented the TRNC at an international folk dancing festival in Portugal.

Hasders Folk Dance Group

The Alfena Folk Festival took place between 22-29 August 2016.

HASDER’s folk dance group performed their show at the cities of Alfena and Maia.

The head of the group, Ali Nebih, highlighted that this was the first time that a team from Cyprus took part in the festival and had the opportunity to showcase the country’s music, dance and cuisine.

PIO logoSource: TRNC Public Information Office –

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