North Cyprus – Sport – Esentepe Football Club needs You! – 15th Sept 2016

Northern Cyprus Football

Esentepe Football Club needs You!

By Richard Beale…….



Thursday 15th September at Esentepe Erdal Barut Stadium. Time 5 pm onward.

On Thursday evening the Football Club is organising a fund raising night to try and arrange much needed money to help run the Club. With 5 teams being run from the Club, money for wages, playing kit, training kit, balls, training equipment etc etc is urgently required.

The programme of events include

MASTERS’ FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT, involving Ex Esentepe players of the past, a team of sport journalists, and hopefully teams from Bahçeli and Karaağaç.

Matches will be around 20-30 minutes each.

Early evening, around 7-00 pm, music, traditional dancing, Tombola and raffles will be held.

  • Food will be available, kebabs and various stalls selling cakes, sweetcorn etc.
  • Alcohol and soft drinks will be on sale and toilet amenities are at the ground…..

Don’t expect Egon Ronay food or the Ritz and I am sure there will be a number of variations on the night, the important thing is to raise money for the Club. If you don’t want to watch the early football that’s fine, come along later and support the Club in any way you can. There are more and needy causes but the Football Club is such an important part of village life, you don’t see gangs of youths on the street corners causing problems, all of the kids here are respectful and the Football Club helps teach them team spirit.

Esentepe Football Club Needs You!


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