North Cyprus – Social Life – Teacher marries Ice Cream Man

Social Life

Teacher marries Ice Cream Man

By Steven Roberts…….

ilnurcem-9The Mediterranean Sea was the backdrop for the recent wedding of Ilnur and Cem at the Blue Song restaurant in Lapta. Mr and Mrs Kurc made their vows on the lower deck in front of a large group of family, friends, and students.

Ilnur is well known to many in the area, she teaches English to workers at the Merit Hotel chain, and also teaches Turkish to English speaking residents of North Cyprus. ‘Essex Turkish Cypriot’ Ilnur trained as a teacher in England before coming to her ancestral home on a permanent basis.

Cem is part of the family that owns Frosty’s Ice Cream, producers of fine ice cream made with real milk, not powdered extracts.ilnurcem-20

Ilnur and Cem’s wedding was a mixture of Turkish Cypriot and English traditions. After the vows were exchanged, a DJ played English and Turkish music and there was plenty of food from the buffet, and the fabulous three tier cake (made by the Merit hotel) was soon consumed by the 150 guests – along with a portion of Frosty’s ice cream!

It was back to work for both Ilnur and Cem after the wedding, though they have now booked a deferred honeymoon in Thailand in a few weeks.

Congratulations Ilnur and Cem!

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