North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 19th September

TRNC News Today

“Our objective is a federal settlement” states President Akıncı

According to a statement by President Akıncı, the objective of the Cyprus negotiations is to create a federal settlement. Neither a confederation nor a unitary state has been considered in the negotiations, President Mustafa Akıncı added.


President Akıncı issued the statement in response to questions from a TAK reporter before the tripartite meeting in New York on 25 September with the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

President Akıncı said that there would be no hierarchical relationship between the Turkish Cypriot Constituent State and the Greek Cypriot Constituent State after a possible settlement. The existing political structure on both sides of the island will be transformed according to the new conditions, President Akıncı affirmed.

Akıncı also noted that the population will not be fixed, and the numbers currently being discussed are the number of Turkish and Greek Cypriot citizens, 220,000 and 800,000 respectively.

Under the proposed arrangement, citizens who choose to stay in the TRNC with work and residence permits will be able to use those permits in a federal Cyprus, President Akıncı noted.

“Territorial adjustments from the Annan Plan are not applicable” notes the Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu

In response to demands from the Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyannis, Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu  stated that “Not only will it be impossible to return more territory then envisaged in the Annan Plan but it is not even possible to implement the same plan under the current conditions.”


”The situation on the Island has progressed over the past 12 years and many things have been changed”, Burcu stated, and “every day that passes without a settlement puts a solution further out of reach.”

Burcu emphasized that any changes to the Plan should address both sides’ expectations, while also noted that the Turkish Cypriot side said “yes” to the Annan Plan in 2004.

Reaching a settlement in early 2017 is “ambitious but feasible,” according to the UN Special Adviser on Cyprus

The UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide seemed cautiously optimistic that an agreement could be reached in the first half of 2017, according to the Greek Cypriot newspaper Kathimerini.

The timescale is “ambitious but feasible,” he noted.


In his interview to Kathimerini he said that “Akıncı and Anastasiades have shown that they are eager to solve the Cyprus issue, and so I am supporting them.”

Eide also stressed that while crucial obstacles to reaching an agreement and implementing it still remain, these can be overcome. There is also currently no consensus regarding the rotating presidency and territory, Eide added

Source: TRNC Public Information Office –

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