North Cyprus – Charity – Handbag Auction and Sale at Lambousa Market


Handbag Auction and Sale at Lambousa Market

Message from Sue Tilt and Carole King…….     

The Tulips stall on Saturday 15th October at Lambousa Market, Lapta will be all the donated handbags only; starting at 8am and finishing between 12 to 12.30pm.

There will be a silent auction for all the handbags that are numbered (which you can see on the photos), all other bags on the stall will be for sale as per the price tickets attached.






We appreciate that some of you will be unable to attend the Lambousa Market so if you see an auction item that you wish to bid on then please send a text to: 0533 841 2305 or email:

  1. The number of the bag you wish to bid on
  2. The amount you wish to bid
  3. Your name and phone number

You will be able to see full details on our Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association facebook page click here.

Ayse and Phil Green have been overwhelmed with all the donations, so much so they may have to have 2 events.

We are still collecting bags so please do not stop….!

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