North Cyprus – The Main Event on BRT Radio with Frozen Cypriots Eren and Sermen Erdogan

The Main Event on BRT Radio

with Frozen Cypriots Eren and Sermen Erdogan

By Denise Phillips…….

It was a 45 year long and winding road to The Main Event studio in Lefkosa, Cyprus from Melbourne, Australia for Eren and Sermen Erdogan who as small children lived in a house in the grounds of the Governor’s House, Nicosia when Sir Hugh Foot lived there.denise-phillips-eren-erdogan-and-sermen-erdogan

Many of our listeners will have encountered Eren and Sermen through the Facebook group they created, “Frozen Cypriots”, which has a a fantastic membership of  6360 people of all nationalities and as Eren and Sermen explain with great enthusiasm and passion, everybody in the group just wants to share pictures and experiences with each other of Cyprus past.

Do join Eren, Sermen and I to listen to more of their fascinating lives and adventures and of course favourite songs and music on The Main Event on Bayrak International radio this Saturday the 1st October at 15.00pm and the show will be repeated on Sunday the 2nd October at 11.00am to 12.00 noon

For those family members and friends in Melbourne, Australia please add 7 hours to these transmission times which will be Saturday at 22.00pm and Sunday at 18.00pm to 19.00pm.

To go direct to Bayrak International Live to listen to these shows by live streaming on your PC at Cyprus local time by clicking here

Until then I leave you on that Long and Winding Road to meet with us:

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