North Cyprus – NCCCT – Presentation of Equipment to Girne State Hospital


Presentation of Equipment to Girne State Hospital

By nccctsecretary…

Dr Salih Beyoğlu presents Angela Hasman with an inscribed plate expressing the hospital’s appreciation

The items donated included plaster cutters, and surgical equipment for use in the audiology and urology departments. There was also a pulse oximeter, which is used to determine the levels of oxygen in the blood, together with a monitor. The North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust (NCCCT) was delighted to present medical equipment worth just over 88,000TL to Akçiçek Hospital in Girne on Wednesday, 19th October 2016.

The most expensive piece of equipment purchased was a colour cardiovascular ultrasound device costing just over 33,000TL. Dr Koral Ҫağman, general surgeon, said that this piece of equipment was a great asset during surgery.

The State Hospital, GirneWe would like to thank everyone who has supported the NCCCT and made these donations possible. Without your help we would not be able to provide the hospital with such essential medical equipment.

Your support is valued and much appreciated.

The NCCCT Committee and its team of helpers are all volunteers and no expenses are taken.  This means that every single lira we raise is used to buy equipment.

Thank you so much!

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