North Cyprus – Animal Care – Kyrenia Animal Rescue are delighted that Roxy rallies

Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Are delighted that Roxy rallies

Kim Betts………Kyrenia Animal Rescue…….

Some days ago I went to see how Roxy was doing – she is still at the vets following her ordeal.

What a surprise I got when she tottered out of her kennel into the garden. Yes she is still painfully thin, Yes she still has marks from the wound, Yes she is still having issues with her back legs but what a change. Her coat is as soft as silk and is beginning to shine, she has put on weight, her tails wags a lot BUT it is in her eyes that you can see the biggest difference – there is not just a spark or glimmer in them NOW they are truly sparkling – Roxy is Happy. The changes in her face can be seen just by these 3 photos ….


Speaking with the vet he is now not sure that she will need to see the orthopedic vet. He says that there has been a marked improvement in her legs during the last week as she has gained strength. He is hopeful that as her strength continues to improve so too will the weaknesses in her legs and that more improvement over the next 10 days will confirm that.

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