North Cyprus – Multimax update their Customers about Internet Issues

Multimax update their Customers

about Internet Issues

By Chris Elliott…….

Internet connection issues continue in North Cyprus with slow speeds or even outages which is when you cannot connect to the internet or watch the TV if you have internSnails pace internetet TV.

This can be so frustrating and more so if you don’t know the reason why and in the past when our internet went down it would be a case of reboot the router and then our internet device to see if that would sort the issue and if not then it was a question of phoning our internet supplier to see if there was a problem.

Problems of internet outage can be local with your Internet provider having equipment issues or their system having power issues which as we all know are very common here in North Cyprus.

Internet traffic from North Cyprus is fed to Turkey and goes through TTnet which can also experience many difficulties so at the end of the day we just wait for the internet to come back on again.

This of course is not a happy situation and I have to say thank you to our internet provider Multimax who send an SMS message to our mobile phone telling us if there is a problem which they briefly describe and the action they are taking as you can see under.

Now that’s what I call brilliant customer service.

Snails pace internetMultimax 18:42:55, 31.10.2016

“We are currently experiencing slow speeds. The problem appears to be with our links out of Cyprus provided by TTnet in Turkey and we are working with them to get the issue rectified as soon as possible.

We apologise for any disruption to your connection.”

In this day and age it’s great  to see a company keeping its customers informed of issues and advising the action they are taking.

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