North Cyprus – Animal Care – From Summer Hot Dog to Winter Frankfurter

Animal Care

From Summer Hot Dog to Winter Frankfurter

By Kim Betts……KAR Pet Travel……..

It is always nice when we help to relocate pets — but even nicer when the pet was homed from our Rescue Centre.

TinkyTinky had come into KAR (Kyrenia Animal Rescue) after having being found just lying in the rain in a ditch – seemingly having given up trying to find somewhere warm and dry to rest. She was such a sad, sorry, little, wet, cold dog.

Tinky had only been with KAR a few months when she caught the eyes of Sylvie and Heinz from Germany. They had already had a KAR rescue dog, Arap, who they homed in 2006 and wanted another to share their home with. Everyone was delighted when, after a few false hopes and starts and, sadly, them not being able to have their original chosen dog, they were drawn like magnets to Tinky, as soon as they saw her.

Throughout the long hot summer with temperatures in the high 30c’s Tinky was told “not long now” – When she was lying at the back of her kennel with her friends trying to keep cool in the shade – the message was “soon be time”. When she was having a bath she was reminded “this feels like the rain that you need to get used to”. For Tinky it was a very long humid summer – she was one of the many Hot Dogs at KAR.

At last, as the summer began to draw to a close and the temperatures dropped it was Tinky’s time. Time for her to travel. Time for her to go to Germany…… 

It was decided that Tinky would travel as an “accompanied pet” with Turkish Airlines as opposed to travelling as a cargo booking. For some pets/owners this can be a cheaper alternative to cargo bookings – but it is not possible for pets flying into the UK.

Careful loading onto planeHer flight was booked and all of the paperwork was finished and Tinky set off. Owners often worry about how their pets will be handled during their loading/flight and offloading, so it is nice to see from these photos of the careful handling of Tinky by Ercan ground team.

KAR Pet Travel has worked hard with everyone at Ercan, who deals with their travelling pets and these photos show that the hard work has paid off – she was carefully carried onto the aircraft and strapped into her special area of the hold.

Ground staff, Captain and cabin crew liaised about Tinky and the necessary reassurances, for her travel, were given. Tinky was off – she had a short transit and change of planes at Istanbul and then continued on her journey to Germany.

After completing all of the entry process and checks on entry to Germany – it was time.

Hugs with SylvieTime for Tinky to be taken out of her travel box and be with Sylvie. There were tears all around – but they were happy tears. Tinky was delighted to be snuggled up in Sylvie’s arms – after all no one had told that this place was going to be so cold!

She had a comfort break and walk outside – she even had time for a quick stop at McDonalds before setting off for an hour’s journey to her new house – all of the time being told “This is it Tinky – this is Germany – this is now Home”.

She will even have a lake of her own to cool down in – won’t her KAR Hot dog friends be jealous !

Tinky won’t be a Summer Hot dog again – she is now a Winter Frankfurter through and through….

Tinky's new house and her new friend Arap.

Tinky’s new house and her new friend Arap

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