North Cyprus – Emergency with your Computers? – Who Do You Call? Ahmet Dinç!

Emergency with your Computers?

Who Do You Call? Ahmet Dinç!

By Kathy Martin…

Emergency greeted me when I got home the other day, after a wonderfully emotional time in Lefkoşa, recording the Main Event with Denise aka Radio Angel. My Laptop just would NOT switch on, that was it floodgates again! 

my-pcBUT I picked myself up and rang the wonderful Ahmet Dinç hoping he was in his shop (Acdınc) … yes he was … “can I come NOW?”Of course”, he said “Yes”, now I am back home with a functioning Laptop

Apparently “she” (my question to him what happened to her?) had got a “jammed-up” innards, which he managed to un-jam! I asked if she needed a service?

If she starts to overheat on the left hand top corner otherwise we will wait until end of March or beginning of April, when the weather starts to heat up.

And the charge for this mükemmel (excellent) service, I can hear some of my more cynical ex-pats asking – nothing!

To quote Ahmet “Maybe next time, but for now nothing!”

Thanks so much!

acdincHis shop, Acdınc, is near the Stroll Inn, in Karakum, opposite First Consult where the lovely Ian and Incilay Fell run their business!

After I put that message on my Facebook page I received the following comments:

  • Claire Lamb “He is very good. I would never take any of my computer related problems elsewhere”.
  • Ivor Moon “He’s a top man use him for any problems we have”.
  • Christine Terry “He is the best”.
  • Margaret Sheard “We have also had very good service from Ahmet, he is so helpful. 

To contact Ahmet call 0533 877 2757

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