North Cyprus – Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) – OADs need a Home!

Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR)

OADs need a Home!

By Kim Betts…

Kar logoWe all know that the winter months can be particularly hard for many Old Age Pensioners – with the cold and the damp penetrating their weary bones – with no one to share a snack with whilst watching TV at night – with no one to have a chat with over breakfast – it can be a sad and lonely time.

KAR has its own fair share of OADs

Old Age Dogs – who are also facing the same sad and lonely time. Many of them have spent a long time with KAR and although they have somewhere to sleep, someone to feed them, someone to talk to them – they are also becoming more and more sad and lonely. Many of them are in shared accommodation but their kennel companions are increasingly becoming younger and younger. They are most definitely the OADs of KAR. They often cannot keep up with the joys, gambols and rough and tumble of youth …. They just want peace, quiet, someone and somewhere to call their own in their twilight years.

Here comes a part of our OADs gallery …………



Polly is a brown labrador cross and she has been at the centre since the end of 2005. She eats anything and particularly likes cheese & onion crisps! She used to live in a compound but lost a lot of weight, after the young ones moved in, so came to live in the office probably about 5 years ago now.



AmyAmy is a rough coated black terrier who has been with KAR since the end of 2004.  She also struggled with life in a compound and came to live in the office around the same time as Polly.  She always seems quite lively first thing, after a night snoozing, but then likes nothing better than to lay in her bed for most of the dayshe just wants a “retirement home “.

EvieEvie isn’t as old as the other 2.  She has been with KAR since 2009.  The only reason she is in the office is because she doesn’t like being cooped up in a compound, with the young ones, and she climbs out!  Once out she is more than happy to stay close to her friends. She is still quite young at heart and loves cuddles.

Can one of them share their twilight years with you ?????

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