North Cyprus – Animal Care – KAR – Milo Minty’s Xmas Adventure 2016

Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Milo Minty’s Xmas Adventure 2016

By Kim Betts, KAR Pet Travel …

Milo Minty lives in TRNC and his owner, Rosalind, thought that he deserved a little holiday.



She was returning to the UK for Xmas and came to KAR Pet Travel to see if she could take him with her. If it was possible she thought it would be better than leaving him with a carer over the holiday period.

After looking at all of the options she was pleased to find out that because he had all of his necessary vaccinations and blood test, he was eligible to travel to the UK.

He would also meet the TRNC re entry requirements when it was time for him to come home. This is a very important factor as TRNC State Quarantine has recently been introduced for all animals failing the TRNC entry requirements.

The flight options for TRNC to UK are very different to those coming from UK to TRNC and after taking everything into consideration Rosalind felt that because her holiday was going to be for a few weeks that it, yes, would be nice for Milo to visit the UK. She had plenty of sightseeing and family gatherings lined up for him.

KAR prepared Milo’s UK paperwork and talked through the process for his return. His UK flight was booked and Milo was sent, happily, on his way to the UK – Rosalind collected him from HARC the following day.

Although Milo was quite happy to do the rounds with Rosalind, he did confide in us that there was one person that he really, really, wanted to meet ………..


We are sure that it will be a Merry Xmas for Milo !

KAR Pet Travel will be organising Milo’s return trip to the TRNC at the end of his stay in the UK.

If you need any advise about travelling for your pet then please do not hesitate to contact

KAR Pet Travel on 0533 869 4098

or email us at  or

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