North Cyprus – Animal Care – GAU Butchers wish KAR Dogs a meaty Xmas 2016!

GAU Butchers wish KAR Dogs

A meaty Xmas 2016!

KAR header logo

From Kim Betts…

We all love presents at Christmas and so, too, do the KAR animals.

You can imagine their delight when GAU butchers – who prepare meat cuts for various establishments across the TRNC – asked KAR if the cats/dogs wanted any meat off cuts.

KAR staff obviously said YES and thought that maybe it would be a few kilos and would need sorting, cooking and freezing, but it would certainly help with the food being given and would offer a seasonal change for the dogs.

What so, far, has been collected is a Rescue Centers Chefs’ delight – it was already pre-packed into manageable packs and had been sorted and frozen. It simply needed cooking – all 600 kilos of it!!!!!


This is likely to be an ongoing donation with regular collections of the meat from the butchers and is a donation with which KAR are delighted – the dogs certainly don’t mind it either!!!

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