North Cyprus – Authorities – TRNC Gas Tank Permits – There seems to be a Hiccup!

TRNC Gas Tank Permits

There seems to be a Hiccup!

We have received a message from a good friend and reader who would like to pass on what seems to be a failing on the part of the relevant Department to allow people to renew their gas tank permits before the end of the year.Gas tank image

It appears that the necessary details of the new rates have not yet been made available by the Fire Department.  Why are these procedures left until the last minute?   There is a whole year to put them in place and yet here we are at 27th December, the permits have to be renewed by the end of 2016 (in this case Friday 30th December) otherwise a fine is imposed.   It seems very unfair that people should be penalised with a fine when the Government Departments have failed to deal with what for them should be a normal procedure.

There are only a few days left to pay for the permits so what happens now?

This is what our reader has told us:

“Today (27th December) I went to the District Office, the Department in Girne responsible for the permits to pay the annual fee – it is the second time that I went –  and I was told that the rates have not come in yet from the Fire Department and I should come again.  I answered, oh no, I’ll come in January. They answered: You have to pay in 2016 otherwise we charge you a 3% fine.  Can you believe it?

They gave me a telephone number to call before I make yet another visit. This might be interesting for your readers.

0392 815 2117 –  4115 – 124.  Also, try to be early, 8.30am, there is no parking later in the day.”

We have endeavoured to try and gain more information but when trying to ring the numbers given there was no reply.

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