North Cyprus – The Main Event on BRT Radio – Looking back at 2016

The Main Event on BRT Radio

Looking back at 2016

By Denise Phillips…….

Another year is drawing to an end so for the last Main Event show of 2016 I will be looking back at some of those wonderful and fascinating people who came to visit us at the Bayrak International radio studio.

These included Sheena Thompson, Jeannie Sullivan and Thalia Reidy talking about life in Cyprus and then we had a visit from Deniz Hasnet, Kelly-Jo Karlaman and Mike Chippendale from the very successful ladies football team.


Bringing with him inner peace he has found on our island of love is Nick Vye who also told us about his use of crystal energy in healing a variety of ailments.

We also had a visit from British musician and BBC Radio Jersey DJ Roger Bara who is now enjoying retirement in North Cyprus.


The one and only local business John Aziz Kent who was the first Turkish Cypriot to build a hotel, the Celebrity Hotel in Lapta in 1975 came to talk to us about his  dedication to promote the rights of Turkish Cypriots and also his involvement through the TRNC Hoteliers Association in promoting tourism.


Finally but not least Ali-Kathy Martin came to talk about her life in the year since her beloved Alistair passed away and we included a clip of Alistair doing a phone in with Can Gazi in Dec 2012.

Do join me in a look back at 2016 and and listen to more of these fascinating people and of course some favourite songs which have been selected for The Main Event on Bayrak International radio this Sunday the 1st January at 11.00am to 12.00 noon.

Happy listening and do have a great week….

To go direct to Bayrak International Live to listen to these shows by live streaming on your PC at Cyprus local time click here  and select channel FM 105.

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