North Cyprus – Trevor’s Tips for January 2017

Trevor’s Tips

for January 2017

By Trevor Hughes……

Foreign Mobile Phone Registration

The Information Technology and Communications Council (ITCN) have made it compulsory to register your hand set and sim cards if they have not been purchased in the TRNC. This is an issue related to embargoes.

There is a tax to pay on non-registered phones and it is levied on the value of your phone which can be considerable, for example a iPhone 7 will be as much as 2,400 TL!

The process for registering your phone is as follows:

  • Register the phone at the office which is located in Lefkosa.
  • Directions: The office you need to go to is called BTHK (Biligi Tekndojileri Ve Haberiesme Kuruma) located in Lefkosa

If you are taking the road over the mountains to the Gonyeli roundabout, go past the State Hospital on your left, over the small island and keep going through the first set of traffic lights, and up to the second set of traffic lights (you turn left if you are applying for a Temporary Residence).

Turn right taking the road towards the British High Commission. Through the next set of traffic lights to the next traffic island. Turn left and follow the road until you see a “Domino” pizza parlour on your right. You will see a sign for BTHK offices and then go around to the rear of “Domino” pizza bar.


Office opening hours are 0830 – 1400 hours Monday to Friday. You will need to take a 13TL stamp with you. When in their office, you will need to complete the form for registration and hand it over for phone registration. You can of course get one of their forms from Dağlı Sigorta office in Karaoğlanoğlu prior to your registration, so saving time.

Once you have registered your phone, take the receipt to your provider to activate your phone, which will be activated at 1700 hrs that very day.

Editors Note: Mobile phones brought into the TRNC before April 2016 will have been automatically registered for use in the TRNC and mobile users can check their mobile device status by clicking here and then click on IMEI Sorgulama (translation : IMEI Inspection)  then click on  Sorgulama Icin Tiklayiniz (translation : Click to Enquire)

A  window will appear IMEI Query into which you should enter your device IMEI number and telephone number and click question and your device details will be shown including confirmation of whether your device can be used on all systems.

To establish the registration status of your mobile device press the  * # 06 # keys on the device and the IMEI number will be shown.

For more answers to questions regarding the use of foreign mobile devices in the TRNC click here and then translate the page…… 


Here We Go Again!!! TRNC Driving Licence

Yet again, the police were called to a road traffic accident a few days ago..

The accident happened when an English driver was driving a hire car which had not been registered to him. Unfortunately, he hit a pedestrian walking along the road and suffered seriTRNC Driving Licence imageous leg wounds which needed hospital treatment. The driver was arrested and charged with reckless driving, taking and driving the car without the owner’s permission, drink driving and finally, not having a TRNC driving licence. The convicted driver had been over here for two and a half years and did not apply for a TRNC licence, thinking his UK licence was sufficient, which it is not.

If you are here for more than 90 days in any one year you must have a TRNC driving licence if you are intending driving here.

A Recommendation from One of Our Readers

“We write to let you know that we have changed all our double-glazed windows and the back door on the villa.  This was done by Firatpen (Kibris) Limited.  The windows have three locking points on both sides as does the back door – much safer and no draughts – much needed with the cold weather we now have.

We have nothing but praise for Firatpen as a company and the boss, Salih Erdogmus, and all his workmen.  Salih himself speaks excellent English and is very knowledgeable and helpful; his workmen (Mohammed, Mamoud and Selim) are polite, clean and tidy and very, very efficient.  The price, always a factor in these things, was extremely competitive, and the whole job from measuring to fitting took less than one week.  We would thoroughly recommend this firm to anyone looking to change their windows and doors and have, in fact recommended them already to friends and neighbours.  They are located in Lefkosa,

Tony has asked me to add to the letter sent on the Double Glazing we have had done.  As Tony points out the price was much cheaper than any other quotation we had been given and covered 10 windows, three patio doors and the back door.

As you sometimes recommend people in your News Round we can recommend this firm and would be happy for anyone to come and see the end result on making prior arrangements.”

If anyone would care to tell us about good work and service experienced, why not let me know that I can share them with you all, but remember, this is not a recommendation from me, but from one of our readers.

TRNC MOT Dates for 2017


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1 Response to North Cyprus – Trevor’s Tips for January 2017

  1. robert says:

    but you cant get a driving licence in trnc unless u are a resident and if you are a resident you can only be out of trnc for 6 weeks a year

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