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Cyprus Negotiations – ‘Significant Differences’ remain in solving Cyprus Problem

Cyprus Negotiations

‘Significant Differences’ remain

in solving Cyprus Problem

EUThe Greek Cypriot side wants the European Union acquis communautaire (click the link for explanation) to be implemented in its entirety across the island, without permanent derogations, to the benefit of both communities, the [GC] government said on Tuesday.

“It is also our conviction that respect of bi-zonality does not clash with basic human rights,” [GC] deputy government spokesman Victoras Papadopoulos said in a written statement.

The statement followed comments made by Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci that permanent derogations from the acquis should be viewed as a “natural right” of Turkish Cypriots instead of a restriction to the rights of Greek Cypriots or other EU nationals.

In an interview with daily Kibris newspaper, Akinci was asked whether permanent derogations would be needed in case bi-zonality was guaranteed in the criteria for property.


Mustafa Akinci

“We want some provisions of the agreement to become primary law of the EU… we know that the permanent derogations are something which is not very popular in the EU, but in spite of this some countries secured these derogations when carrying out their accession negotiations to the EU,” he said, according to a transcript supplied by the public information office.

Akinci said there was talk of temporary derogations for Turkish Cypriots “but being primary law is very important. The Turkish Cypriot community must find the ways of being able to have the majority of property ownership and population in its own area. In this sense, understanding should be shown to our sensitivities…”
Papadopoulos said the comments confirmed what President Nicos Anastasiades had recently said that there was still a long way to go in the reunifications talks and great difficulties to overcome.

“It is obvious… that there are significant differences in issues relating to the procedure to solve the Cyprus problem and its substance,” Papadopoulos said.

Nicos Anastasiades image

Nicos Anastasiades

Speaking at an event later on Tuesday, Anastasiades said the Greek Cypriot side sought to secure the right of every Cypriot citizen to select their place of residence and work.

“For them to choose where to live in a state that will secure their rights in the framework, as has been agreed, of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation,” he said.

“What we are trying to secure are the four basic freedoms but also the human rights of all the people, the right of free movement, settlement, right to work, and in general, the right of every citizen of a European country to move freely without restrictions.”

He added that Cyprus’ participation in the European Union created the conditions and afforded the safeguards to implement a real reunification of the territory, the institutions, and the people.

“Our accession to the EU is a privilege for the country that we ought to ensure for all residents of our island,” he said.

Last month, the Turkish Cypriot leader said the goal was to create a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, and at the same time to abide by the rules, principles and values of the EU.

Cyprus dispute“So, we need to combine the two. We want to create a European federal state but this needs to be bi-zonal, and bi-communal,” he said.

He said this would mean each community would have the majority in terms of population and property ownership.

“We cannot have a situation where Turkish Cypriots will be governing their area and at the same time be a minority in their own area,” he said.

The two sides have agreed on the creation of an independent property commission to handle the thorny issue under a solution.

Akinci and President Anastasiades have agreed that the individual’s right to property would be respected and people would be offered different options to make sure this right was fulfilled.

Source: Cyprus Mail – Read the original article and more news by clicking the link

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North Cyprus – Information for all Households – Kib-Tek moving with the Times

Information for all Households

Kib-Tek moving with the Times

By Margaret Sheard…..

Many people will have received an SMS message from Kib-Tek earlier in the year asking for information in respect of the new system to be introduced in North Cyprus for the payment of electricity accounts.   Eventually new remote electronic meters Kib-Tek logowill be fitted for all electricity users and at this time paper bills will cease to be issued.

When the SMS message was transmitted many people thought it was a hoax, but this was not the case and I for one promptly sent a text message with the information requested, which was confirmed as received by Kib-Tek.

I assumed that nothing different would happen until the new remote electronic meter was installed but the following month I received a text message as well as a paper bill.   NSA allegedly collecting mobile phone text messages worldwideThis month, not only did I receive an SMS message and a paper bill, I also received an email with the bill clearly displayed.

I am very impressed that a system has been put in place and is working even before all of the new remote electronic meters are installed.

When we published an article on this website to make the situation clear to people who were confused by the original SMS message (click here), we received an enquiry from a lady who does not live in North Cyprus permanently but owns a property and she was experiencing great difficulty in making contact with Kibtek. I believe the original SMS message was for a limited time period in which to supply details. We gave enquirer a contact email address – and suggested she sent a message in English and Turkish (which could be translated through Google) which she did and made contact through that email address. No electricityKibtek responded to her, assuring her that as she paid her electricity account through a bank there was no need to worry. So it seems that payments made automatically each month through a bank will not be a problem when the new system is eventually in force.

For those people who have chosen to ignore Kib-Tek’s request for details, it should be noted that a new system is being introduced and without the required information, we understand that Kib-Tek will not be able to deal with their account under the new remote electronic system, which could result in cutting off of the electricity supply and possibly a re-connection charge being levied.

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Entertainment – Balikçioğlu Cabaret Theatre comes North Cyprus – from 25th Oct 2015

Balikçioğlu Cabaret Theatre

comes from London to North Cyprus

By Margaret Sheard….

Some time ago we discovered some very interesting information about Kemal Tunç and Osman Balikçioğlu who were the original Alikko and Caher characters from the 1950’s/1960’s and there is a monument dedicated to them in a small park in Bűyűkkonuk, the link to articles on this subject can be found at the end of this article.

Alikko and Caher

By chance from writing about Alikko and Caher I made contact on Facebook with Osman Balikçioğlu and met up with him when he came on a visit to North Cyprus earlier in the year. At this time he told us about the theatre group he has in London and that he would be bringing them to North Cyprus to give some performances in October.

The time is now drawing near and Osman has provided the Osman Balikcioglufollowing information about the performances and where and when they are to be shown.

My Theatre group Balıkçıoğlu Kabare Tiyatrosu is coming to Cyprus on the 24th of October. We will be staying in The Tulip Hotel in Nicosia and will stay in Cyprus for ten days. While we are there we will perform our show called “Cypriot Varieties in Times”.

On the 25th of October at Kalkanlı, Mİddle East Technical Üniversity.

On the 27th October at the Near East University in Nicosia.

On the 29th October at the South Mesaria Cultural Centre in Beyarmudu

On the 31st October at the Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Centre in Mağusa.

Our program consists of four parodies and two short stand-up shows. We will start with a parody named Şeş beş FM which is a black comedy. After that parody renowned Turkish Cypriot Broadcaster Hüseyin Kanatlı will do his short stand-up show. Then we will perform our hilarious second parody called Yalançı Dolmalar. After that parody there will be an interval.

The second act begins with a comical parody called Lurudjinalılar, which tells the story of a very old couple from the village called Lurucina (or with its new name Akıncılar).  After that Hüseyin Kanatlı will take the stage for a second time. Finally we will perform our last parody which is very emotional and funny. This parody is called Hatmalı and Caher, and is all about Alikko ile Caher.

Our tour has got Presidential support and is in aid of Kanser Hastalarına Yardım Derneği. (Help Those with Cancer Association – Tulips).

I seem to remember Osman telling me that although a lot of the sketches are in the Turkish language there are also some parts in the English language. With comedy, it is not always necessary to Osman Balikcioglu and Kemal Tuncknow the language as a lot of the sketches can be interpreted from the actions and body language of the characters.

Cyprusscene will certainly be attending one of the performances to enjoy this Cyprus nostalgia.

All performances start at 8pm. Tickets are 20TL and can be obtained from the Tulips Office in Lefkosa or at the door on the night at each venue. For further information please contact 0542 8531121 or 2289807

To see our articles about Alikko and Caher, which include photos and information supplied to us by Tűregűn Tunç, the daughter of Kemal Tunç,  the links are as follows:-

Tribute to Kemal Tunc – Pioneer of Turkish Cypriot Theatre – click here

Alikko and Caher – Still together – click here

Osman Balikcioglu – click here 

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North Cyprus – Events Calendar – Issue 41/2015 – October 2015

Events Calendar – Issue 41/2015      

October 2015

By Margaret Sheard…..

Music NoteJamie (The Man in Black) – For a list of event gigs for October 2015 click here
GardeningGardeners Forum at The Rose Garden in Ozanköy on the last Wednesday of each month starting at 10.2015..
10th October – SaturdayBlack Olive logo



Black Olive Cafe, Alsancak – Open Mic Night from 7.30pm … Nice menu available … 20TL … To book contact Vicki on 0533 835 5133..
11th October – SundayBuyukkonuk




Eco-Day at Buyukkonuk….  Autumn festival with many stalls of traditional foods and crafts, folk dancing and music, donkey and horse rides….10am til late…..Many children’s activities…
13th October – TuesdayNCCCT logo






NCCCT are back with their monthly coffee mornings and this month will be at The Lodge in Catalkoy from 10.30am to mid-day ….  Entrance 10TL which includes tea/coffee and cake ….  These coffee morning are always very popular and there will be the usual stalls selling a variety of items, clothes, jewellery, ceramics, greeting cards and much more.
13th October – TuesdaySt Andrews v.small




St Andrew’s Church….Men Meet….11am in the Church Hall  ……  Talk by Ray Meredith “From Sporting Disdain to Rugby League (and beyond)”  Followed by lunch at a local restaurant .. For more information contact John Hodgson.
14th October – WednesdayFriends of the TRNC Emergency Services


Black Olive logo


Black Olive Cafe, Alsancak … 3pm … Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services – Afternoon Tea Talk … Jarra Brown will be launching his new book – 46 Miles….  to book contact Brenda on 0533 840 7834
14th October – WednesdaySt Andrews v.small



St Andrew’s Church Hall – Community Lunch .. For more information contact Linda Smith on 0533 875 3056 or Sandy Oram on 0542 872 4291
15th October – ThursdayCinema equipment video camera and film reel






Classic film event at The Food Lodge in Catalkoy in association with the DVD Shop, Catalkoy.  Starting at 8pm you can enjoy Beyond the Sea (2004) …. 12TL for the film, a soft drink and popcorn.  There are also hot dogs and nachos available…. There will be a prize on the night for the best prop associated with the movie….To book call 0533 839 8764
16th October – FridayBlack Olive logo


Black Olive Cafe, Alsancak – Ladies Night from 7pm – Swap night and market .. Buffet dinner 20TL … Booking essential contact Vicki on 0533 835 5133
15th to 21st OctoberCyprus photography



Jay Wadams Photographic Exhibition at the Gardens of Irini, Bellapais .. Opening night 15thOctober 4-7pm
17th October – SaturdayBritish Residents


British Residents’ Society Blood Donor Day at the Dr Akcicek State Hospital, Girne….10am to 1pm…..  If you are able to give blood, please try to go along..
17th October – SaturdayFriends of the TRNC Emergency Services

Black Olive logo



Black Olive Cafe, Alsancak – Music and entertainment quiz in aid of Friends of theTRNC Emergency Services … 20TL for dinner and cash prize … Raffle … To book contact Vicki on 0533 835 5133

View the complete Events Calendar by clicking here!

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North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 9th October 2015

TRNC News Today

Negotiators met again

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Özdil Nami and Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis met yesterday and carried out preparatory work ahead of the planned leaders’ meeting which will be held on Monday.

Andread Mavroyiannis and Ozdil Nami

According to information received from the Presidential spokesperson Barış Burcu, the negotiators made studies for intensifying the negotiation process not only on the level of leaders but also on the level of negotiators.

Stating that the negotiators had agreed on both the overall scope of the negotiations and speeding up the works that contribute to the Turkish Cypriots’ preparation process for the EU, Burcu said that studies have been started in this direction.

Presidential spokesperson Barış Burcu also stated that the negotiators and the representatives of the Turkish and Greek Cypriot telephone operator companies will have a meeting this afternoon in order to overcome the issue related to telephone communication.

Bielefeldt: “Cyprus, a model for the Middle East”

Cyprus is a religious “model” for the broader region of the Middle East since huge progress has been achieved on the island to build trust between the different religious communities, said the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion Heiner Bielefeldt.

Heiner Bielefeldt 2

Bielefeldt stated that with this aim, a new institution under the name “The Cyprus Inter-religious Platform for Human Rights” has been established.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, at the Home for Cooperation, which was attended by religious leaders, Bielefeldt.said: “Communication helps to overcome prejudices, prevent negative stereotypes and rebuild trust in societies”.

Bielefeldt also stressed that the time is suitable to develop the dialogue.

Economic crisis caused migration of 5,331 Greek Cypriots

Greek Cypriot migrationIt was stated that the economic crisis caused the migration of 5,331 Greek Cypriots between the years of 2009-2013. Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros reported that according to a research conducted by ‘Nicosia University’ in South Cyprus, as a result of the economic crisis, unemployment has increased, salaries have decreased, number of divorces has increased and due to all these reasons, thousands of Greek Cypriots migrated.

Fileleftheros reported that 248 persons in 2009, 212 in 2010, 242 in 2011, 50 in 2012, 3.579 in 2013, a total 5.331 of Greek Cypriots migrated.

PIO logoSource: TRNC Public Information Office –

To read more news and information from the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please click here

Pictures shown are courtesy of the TRNC Public Information Office Facebook page.

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TFR – Second Bavarian Oktoberfest in Northern Cyprus a big Success

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

Second Bavarian Oktoberfest

in Northern Cyprus a big Success

By Ralph Kratzer

Oktoberfest-logoThe association The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR), which now has members from 26 different nations, had celebrated its first authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest in Northern Cyprus last year. Because it then was a well accepted and successful event, it was clear to the members of the Board that this event should be an integral part of the year´s planning (to remember the first beer fest and get some background information about the original event in Munich – click here!).

So, again a lot of time and effort was invested to organize an even better TFR-Oktoberfest this year.

The treasurer of the club, Horst Gutowski, and the events manager “Brad” Bradley, as well as a handful of volunteers made it possible that more than 140 participants of the party found an authentic beer tent ambiance for a boozy evening in the lovingly decorated garden of the Acmenya restaurant in Alsancak.

P1030548Soon after the first guests had arrived the original Munich Hofbräuhaus beer flowed in amounts out of the tap.

The meal offered could not have been more faithful to the original food at the Bavarian beer fest. There, the most consumed delicacy is half a chicken from the grill with a fresh pretzel. Thus, it was also for the Oktoberfest in Northern Cyprus. A variation of salads as a side dish was again prepared this year by the Food Lodge Bakery in Catalköy.

P1030599The attempt to organize a musician from Bavaria for the evening unfortunately failed because the one booked decided, at short notice, for health reasons not to embark on the long journey to North Cyprus. But the alternative in form of a DJ turned out to be the better solution in the end, because this one offered later in the evening – after he had started with original Oktoberfest music – a great blend of pop, oldies and dance music, so that the dance floor was soon crowded with guests in a lively mood.

In between “Brad” Bradley entertained people with funny parlour games, such as “who can P1030579hold a full 1-litre stein longest with the outstretched arm?” or “who can hammer a nail into a wooden block with the fewest strokes?” For the ladies, he was ready with a quiz question: “how many litres of beer had been drunk at this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich?” The answers ranged from a few hundred liters (good joke!) up to hundreds of millions. Tatiana, a young party guest from Kazakhstan was ready with the right answer: 7,5 million litres!

Again it was well after midnight when the last guests left the witty festival and found their way home, tired but happy and certainly with the ulterior motive of coming again next year…

P.S. As guest of honour the TFR welcomed this year the German Ambassador in Cyprus, H.E. Mr. Nikolai von Schoepff, accompanied by his lovely wife, who came privately and, as a born Bavarian, clearly enjoyed the evening as all other guests.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

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North Cyprus – Commentary – Privatising water is last nail in the TRNC’s coffin

Comment on TRNC – Turkey Relations

Privatising water is last nail in

the TRNC’s coffin

Water ProjectWe published an article last week with the title Authorization Crisis erupts over Pipeline carrying fresh Water to TRNC” (to remember click here). Here comes a commentary on this topic, originally published a few days ago in a local online newspaper.

Privatising the management of the water conveyed from Turkey to the TRNC will be tantamount to integration and annexation of the north of island to Turkey, so writes Turkish Cypriot columnist Sami Özuslu in ‘Yeni Düzen’ on Monday.

In his article titled “Is the TRNC being closed down?” Özuslu writes, inter alia, the following:

“The debates on the water [management] have once more, seriously brought onto the agenda Turkey-TRNC relations and their international repercussions.

Those who approach the issue with the attitude that ‘our state and municipalities cannot administrate the water, and that they will go bankrupt’ are either not seeing the danger which is approaching, or they have another road in mind. The name of this road is integration! That is annexation!

The elements of the deep state which had drawn up the Cyprus Recoupment Plan, had aimed at binding the whole of Cyprus to Anatolia. Very well, however, have Ankara’s aims not changed since the 1950’s? Is the policy of binding Cyprus to Anatolia still continuing? Is the Cyprus leg of the ‘crashed into the wall’ foreign policy of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s and Ahmet Davutoglu’s Turkey to ‘definitely bind at least the half of that which we occupy, if not the whole of it’? I have honestly started to seriously worry about this”, he says.

TRNC-Turkish FlagThe columnist notes that the water issue seems to be the “clue to very critical strategic plan. Talking about a clue is actually useless. Perhaps it would be more correct to talk of the ‘last blow’, because we are very close to the end now”, he observes, adding that after taking a few more steps they could declare to the world that they have completed the integration.

Wondering what will be the need for the TRNC to exist after that, the columnist argues that the security of the Turkish Cypriots is ensured by the Turkish General Staff, they carry out their foreign relations through the Turkish embassies, they travel using Turkish passports, they use the Turkish Lira, their central bank is directed by a person appointed by Ankara, their post code is “Mersin 10, Turkey” and their budget’s road map is drawn by the three-year protocols signed with Turkey.

Moreover, Özuslu reports that the municipalities are directly bound to Turkey’s aid delegation to the TRNC and this delegation decides which projects will be implemented every year. “The mayors have many times heard that ‘if you build a mosque there, the pavement project will be ok’”, notes the columnist adding:

“We have given them the airlines; we have given as a gift the only operational airport. The capital of Turkey has already taken over the country in the field of tourism to a great extent. Now let us hand over the water and the electricity and let it all be over.  No function is left for the TRNC anymore. If it is closed today, nothing will change in our lives”, he concludes.

Original Source: Yeni Düzen

Source: LGC News  – Read the original article and more news by clicking the link

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