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Cyprus Negotiations – Akıncı comments on property issue

Cyprus Negotiations

Akıncı comments on property issue

President Mustafa Akıncı has said that the individual’s right to property was not something new and that there were a lot of misconstrued reports in the press regarding the settlement of the property dispute.

AKINCI-MÜLKİYETAkıncı received last week a delegation from the Cyprus Turkish Contractors Association led by its president Cafer Gürcafer.

Speaking during the visit, the President highlighted the importance of the association and drew attention to the support it is giving to the ongoing solution process.

Commenting on recent speculations in the TRNC regarding the property issue Akıncı said “the individual’s right to property is something which has been recognized in the past. This is not something new. But there are attempts to portray things differently. As if recognizing or respecting the individual’s right to property means that only the former owner of a property in question will have the choice to decide what will happen with that property. This will not be the case as I have made clear in the joint statement we made.”

PropertyAkıncı also pointed out that the TRNC Immovable Property Commission had been set up on the basis of recognizing the individual’s right to property.

“Turkey paid Titina Louzidu 1 million Euros because her right to property as an individual was recognized. If you don’t recognize the right to property than how can you exchange property? This is why all this smoke needs to be cleared” he said.

The President also explained how the property commission to be set up after a settlement will work.

“Property disputes will be settled through a property commission on the basis of criteria. The commission will be made up of an equal number of Turkish and Greek Cypriots. The Commission will decide on the basis of the criteria which we shall determine. We shall be discussing those criteria” he said.

ECHRPresident Mustafa Akıncı also explained that cases like the Demopulos case at the European Court of Human Rights had recognized that people who have been occupying and using a property for long years too have rights over the property in question.

Of course we are aware that the people who have spent an entire lifetime, who have set up their homes and businesses on disputed properties have rights and need to be protected.

“It was out of the question however to say that we drew the line in 1974 and that’s it. We can’t say that we will neither pay compensation nor exchange property. We have a problem which is why we have been trying to negotiate a settlement for years.

Akıncı also pointed out that it was important to find common ground and a mutually acceptable settlement without imposing one sides’ demands on the other.

“We must remember that the settlement to be reached will be a bi-zonal and bi-communal settlement which means that Turkish Cypriots will be in the majority in the North and Greek Cypriots in the South. Our duty is to protect this character of the settlement. It’s obvious most of the cases will be settled through compensation” he added…. Tweet

Source: BRT World

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North Cyprus – 13th Cyprus Theatre Festival – September 2015

13th Cyprus Theatre Festival

High standard theatre for the whole month of September

By Heidi Trautmann…….

The month of September has for thirteen years been the month dedicated to theatre, and all theatre lovers know it, come back in time from their holidays, keep the dates of performance free of any appointments, rush to get tickets because it is an outstanding opportunity to have a row of high standard professional theatre in Cyprus.Face

Good theatre must not necessarily be translated into one’s own language in order to be enjoyed; good acting, choreography and the actors’ body language are features that tell the story with other means than words.

During a press conference held in August at the Oscar Hotel in Girne we have been given the details for the Theatre Festival in September. Lefkoşa Belediye Tiyatrosu/Nicosia Municipality Theatre, short LBT, have started the preparations months ago, it is an enormous task, but they were all ready with material for publication and for the reception of the theatre groups to come from Turkey. The Festival Committee headed by Kiymet Karabiber with Aliye Ummanel as repertory coordinator, consists of Press conference13 people who all will see to it that the festival runs off smoothly; the expert theatre equip will assist with stage work, lighting, works backstage and front of the house.

The conference was opened by Kiymet Karabiber – with Yaşar Ersoy, the grey eminence of theatre and culture at her side – welcoming and thanking all the supporters of the coming event, first of all the Oscar Hotel, Oscar Rent-a-car, then K-Pet Energy, Bellapais Monastery Village and Avenue Dereboyu, Riverside and Kibhasç  The Mayor of Nicosia Municipality, Mehmet Harmancı, and patron of the festival, spoke about the importance of theatre. With many TV channels present, the people of the island will be informed and the hunt for tickets can begin.Press conference 2

It is again an exquisite programme we will be offered to see in eight shows throughout the month. Please find the programme by clicking here. All performances will start at 21.00 hrs at the Atatürk Congress Hall at the Near East University.  In the entrance hall we shall hear three musical groups from the Nicosia Municipality Orchestra who will start putting us into the right mood for theatre at 20.30 hrs at each performance.

For theatre lovers I recommend to visit the theatres’ websites, or if you enter the individual plays you will get enough information; five of the plays are by playwrights other than Turkish so you may even find a description in English. It is what I usually do. Theatre does not know any borders.

Our LBT Theatre / Nicosia Municipality Theatre are showing the play ‘Halktan Biri’ on Sep 21; you’ll find my review on my website by clicking here

Ticket Sales at Avenue Dereboyu  Price TL 20 and 140 TL for all performances.

Contact: Nicosia Municipal Theatre  0392 227 8782Programme poster

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Book Release – Jarra Brown brings back 46 Miles to Northern Cyprus

Book Release

Jarra Brown brings back 46 Miles

to Northern Cyprus

By Chris Elliott…….

Following the highly successful launch of his book “46 miles” in the UK, Jarra Brown has returned to Northern Cyprus and sent a message of thanks to Denise Phillips and Can Gazi of Bayrak International Radio and I at Cyprusscene.

“Dear Denise, Chris and Can;

I wanted to say thank you to the three of you for your interest in the book I was about to launch when you kindly invited me onto your Radio programme and in the case of Chris for his articles in Cyprusscene…

These were the catalyst that launched the press interest of the book back in the UK, which was overwhelming and took me by 46 Mileshuge surprise.

There are so many stories I have from that experience of seven weeks in the UK from the launch itself which was so emotional, to signing a book for Brad and Angelina and others for Royalty.

I have written to the Royal British Legion Kyrenia Branch telling them that I hope to have a quantity of books available in Northern Cyprus by Monday the 14th September and am planning a number of book signing events through to the 14th October.

The book retails at 60 TL for the paperback and from this I will be donating 10TL to the RBL Kyrenia Branch to help support them in their good works.

Jarra Brown.”

To read the cyprusscene article about Jarra Brown and 46 Miles, please click here

46 Miles cover page

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North Cyprus – All Stars Agency Promotions – Events Calendar from 29th August 2015

All Stars Agency Promotions, Cyprus

Events Calendar from 29th August 2015

ASAP banner

Date Performer and Location Time
Sat.29th.August Rachel sings live at Efendi, Girne. Tel.0392 815 1149 8pm
Pete Murray, live at Cousins, Edremit. Tel.0542 855 1810 8.30pm
Col Coleman live at the LA Hotel, Lapta. Tel.0392 821 8981 7pm
Christine sings live at Le Jardin. Catalkoy. Tel.0533 887 5164 8.30pm
Sun.30th.Aug. Pete Murray live at J.K’s Bar, Lapta. 6.30pm
Christine, live at SeAngle. Catalkoy. Tel.0533 869 3834 8.30pm
Mon.31st.Aug. Pete Murray, karaoke DJ at Olive Bar, Alsancak. Tel.0533 831 0870 8.30pm
Christine sings live at the Malpas Hotel, Catalkoy. Tel.0392 650 3000 9pm
Tues.1st.Sept. Col Coleman, live at L.A.Hotel, Lapta. Tel.0392 821 8981 7pm
Wed.2nd.Sept. Rachel sings live at Efendi, Girne. Tel.0392 815 1149 8pm
Pete Murray, sings live at Blue Song Restaurant/Bar, Lapta. Tel.05338459991 8.30pm
Christine sings live at Blue Garden House, Karsiyaka.Tel.0533 840 0121 8.30pm
Thur.3rd.Sept. Jamie Vincent Guitar Club at The Lodge, Catalkoy. Tel.0533 822 5793 or Facebook Jamie (The Man in Black) 10am
Jamie Vincent, live at Malpas Hotel, Catalkoy. All welcome. Tel.0392 650 3000 9pm
 Christine live at Almond Village, Alsancak. Tel.0392 821 2885 8.30pm
Fri.4th.Sept. Pete Murray, live FM show at Olive Bar, Alsancak. Tel.0533 831 0870 6pm
Jamie Vincent, live at Lapta Holiday Club. All welcome. Tel.0542 863 0045 9pm
 Christine sings live at Pia Bella Hotel, Girne. Tel.0392 650 5000 9.30pm
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North Cyprus – Events Calendar – Issue 35/2015 – August/September 2015

Events Calendar – Issue 35/2015

August/September 2015

By Margaret Sheard…..

28th/29th/30th AugustFriday/Saturday/ Sunday

Carob beans

Ozankoy Pekmek (Carob) Festival starting at 7pm each day….. Lots to do and see..
29th August – SaturdayBlack Olive logo

Music Note

Black Olive Cafe, Alsancak – Open Mic Night starting at 7.30pm…..   For more information contact Vicki on 0533 835 5133
30th August – SundayMusic Note



SeAngle Bar, Catalkoy…. 7.30pm… Soul and Motown with Christine….. Plus BBQ…. Please book by calling 0533 869 3834..
3rd September – ThursdayCinema equipment video camera and film reel






Classic film event at The Food Lodge in Catalkoy in association with the DVD Shop, Catalkoy.  Starting at 8pm you can enjoy Outrageous Fortune (1987)…. 12TL for the film, a soft drink and popcorn.  There are also hot dogs and nachos available…. There will be a prize on the night for the best prop associated with the movie….To book call 0533 839 8764…
3rd September – ThursdayMusic Note



JK’s Bar, Lapta are having a Nostalgia Night – 60s/70s Party, with live music from Pete Murray…. Starting at 7.30pm with special meal deal for 20TL…Booking advisable – contact Daren on 0533 835 6114..
5th September – SaturdayKar new sml


Music Note


SeAngle Bar, Catalkoy.  Live music quiz night with Jamie (The Man in Black) starting at 8pm…5TL with 50% to the winners and 50% to a charity…This month Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR)…..To book a table call 0533 869 3834.

View the complete Events Calendar – click here!

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North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 28th August 2015

TRNC News Today

The remains of İbrahim Nidai and Şevket Kadir have been found

According to the news in Kıbrıs newspaper today, as a result of the research of the Committee on Missing Persons, the remains of two people were located at a horse farm between Karaoğlanoğlu and Alsancak after the denunciation of an elderly Greek man. The remains of the two people were estimated to belong to İbrahim Nidai and Şevket Kadir who were travelling to Girne from Lapta on 24 December 1963.

Missing 52 years

Murat Soysal, assistant of the Turkish Cypriot member of the Committee on Missing Persons said that  accurate identification results of the remains of two male people which were found at a horse farm between Alsancak and Karaoğlanoğlu, and the remains of a Greek Cypriot woman found in Gazimağusa, would be determined after DNA analysis.

Also, the remains of a missing Greek Cypriot have been found during excavation under the garden wall of the Lapta Yavuzlar High School yesterday.

Soysal said that excavations are continuing in nine different locations across the island as a result of denunciations.

According to the Missing Persons List, the Turkish Cypriot missing were all civilian and 25-28 percent were children and women. 12 percent of the Greek Cypriot missing were female and children, and 55 percent consists of Greek Cypriot and Greek soldiers.

Until now  remains could not be reached but excavations will continue

It was announced that the Committee on Missing Persons which began excavation work on the 17th of August in the area behind the Central Prison in North Nicosia have not found anything yet but their work will continue.

Turkish Cypriot assistant member of the Committee on Missing Persons Murat Soysal stated that the excavation teams have been doubled in order to speed up the work being carried out. Soysal said, “We know there are mass graves in the region. It is a large region and we guess we will get the results in a few weeks”.Cyprus Missing Persons

Soysal also explained that they are trying to find the remains of the 40-50 Greek Cypriots who had lost their lives in 1974 and buried  en-mass behind the current prison because even though they were taken to Ledra Palace by truck, either Greek authorities or UN authorities did not receive them. Soysal said, “Excavations are continuing and we believe we will get results”.

According to the information of the Missing Persons Committee, 1508 Greek Cypriots and 493 Turkish Cypriots a total of 2,001 people are missing.  So far, 451 Greek Cypriots, 144 Turkish Cypriots who were missing where identities were determined have been delivered to their families.

The Committee have found the remains of 969 people on 999 excavation sites.

Özyiğit: “Rotating Presidency is one of the parameters of political equality”

The Leader of Communal Democracy Party Cemal Özyiğit stressed that the rotating presidency issue is one of the basic parameters of political equality in the Cyprus negotiations. Özyiğit made evaluations about continuing negotiations for the settlement of the Cyprus problem in the island to the AA reporter.  Cemal ÖzyiğitÖzyiğit emphasized that negotiations have been continuing since 1968, although with interruptions, adding that it was a disappointment for the Turkish Cypriots that the Greek Cypriots  rejected the Annan Plan in 2004 but it was approved by  65% Turkish Cypriots.

Underlining the joint statement approved by the Sides on February 2014 is essential for determining the form of the settlement, Özyiğit reminded that in the agreement that was signed in 1960, Turkish Cypriots were one of the founding partners.

Furthermore, Özyiğit stressed the importance of ensuring the formation of the Council of Ministers and decision making mechanism.

PIO logoSource: TRNC Public Information Office –

To read more news and information from the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please click here

Many of the pictures shown are courtesy of the TRNC Public Information Office Facebook page.

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Cyprus dispute – Residents of Yeni Erenköy Village complain about Harassment

Cyprus dispute

Residents of Yeni Erenköy Village

complain about “Harassment”

Residents of Yeni Erenköy village [on the Karpaz peninsula] have complained that Greek Cypriots, encouraged by statements of the two leaders on property recognition rights under a settlement, are “harassing” them on a regular basis and telling them they will have to leave.

Turkish Cypriot daily Star Kibris newspaper under the headline: ‘Tension is escalating’, reported on Monday that inhabitants of the village claim that Greek Cypriots were visiting more often than before.

Yeni ErenköySome said the Greek Cypriots take pictures, enter houses and tell inhabitants: “This place is ours, you should leave. We are going to settle here.”

Other such reports have surfaced in recent weeks since President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci announced they had agreed to recognise the individual’s right to property under a settlement. This would apply to both the legal owners and the current users, they said. In addition the leaders said a property commission would be set up that would have criteria in place for compensation, return or exchange of property. The criteria are currently being discussed by the negotiators of both sides.

Anastasiades and Akinci have been criticised by their respective sides. Turkish Cypriots fear being ousted from Greek Cypriot properties, and Greek Cypriots have been irritated by the notion of any sort of recognition for ‘current users’ of their properties.

Yeni Erenköy_2The community leader of Yeni Erenköy, Vahibe Ozkasirga, told Star Kibris the villagers are annoyed because Greek Cypriots were entering properties without permission.
She said she wished the Turkish Cypriot politicians “who are so keen to defend the rights of the Greek Cypriots could show the courage needed to defend the rights of their own people as well”.

The former mayor of the town, Ozay Oykun told the newspaper: “Those who say that the Greek Cypriots will have the first say on the property issue should deal with the problems of the residents who are experiencing these tensions.”

Source: Cyprus Mail

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