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At The Foreign Residents in the TRNC we are delighted to be able to share news and resources with other members of our community on their social network sites and to share news and information to the largest local and worldwide audience.

With this initiative, we are pleased to be collaborating with the and the Cyprusscene TFR logoNorth Cyprus Forum to bring toncf logo you, the readers, the most interesting articles and news feeds that are available.

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North Cyprus – Health Care Review – My Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Treatment – By Kathy Martin

Health Care Review

My Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Treatment

KathyBy Kathy Martin…

July 2016

Decided after ten years, it would be a good idea to have a Neurology check-up on my Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was diagnosed by Dr T Fowler DM FRCP at the Nuffield Hospital in Tunbridge Wells on 23rdMarch 2006. At the time I declined any immune-modulating treatment as I do not like taking medication!

My first comment JUST has to be how much easier and quicker things happen here in The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), admittedly when one is paying, rather than on the NHS in UK! Of course, paying privately in the UK would probably be just as quick, but from friends’ comments more expensive!

Friday 1st July

Went to The Near East Hospital in Lefkoşa and saw Dr Sevda Diker (pronounced Deeker) one of the neurologists, who was a delightful young woman (why do all doctors, dentists and policemen look so young to those of us in our old age!!) She carried out various minor procedures to check on my ability to read small print, see spotty numbers etc, etc.

wheelchairAlso, she decided it would be a good idea for me to have another MRI scan and I will take in my “x-ray type prints” from my original scan in 2006 for her to compare and see the difference. This has been arranged for Tuesday 12th July, the delay is only because there was a one week Bayram holiday in TRNC the following week!

Also, had blood extracted for various blood tests.

Due to my MS, I was pushed around the whole hospital in various wheelchairs and each “pusher” was very considerate and helpful……  Continue reading

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North Cyprus – Health and Wellbeing Event at Aphrodite Restaurant, Lapta – Review

Health and Wellbeing Event

at Aphrodite Restaurant, Lapta

By Margaret Sheard……

As a result of contact with Wendy Thomas, we went along to a Health and Wellbeing event which was held at the Aphrodite Restaurant in Lapta on Sunday 24th July.Wendy Thomas

Wendy had been in touch with Chris via email so we were pleased to meet her and she told us of a Detox diet she had tried and found very successful and she was displaying a range of products and information about Juice Plus+ which can transform your life in a controlled and healthy way.

There were many people there covering different aspects of health and wellbeing as well as stalls with crystals and jewellery.  Cemal Boransel, the owner of Aphrodite Restaurant, was mingling with the guests in his normal welcoming way, such a nice man who dresses in traditional Cypriot costume which adds a certain flavour to his restaurant.

Cemal and guests

Continue reading

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What’s New on BRT2 Television – with Mr D. U. Sivri, Psychotherapist and Author

What’s New on BRT2 Television

with Mr D. U. Sivri, Psychotherapist and Author

By Can Gazi…….

This week whilst I am spending time on holiday with my family, I decided to screen again on A Cup Of Conversation, my fascinating interview with Can Gazi and Mr D. U. Sivri imageMr D. U. Sivri, a renowned Turkish Cypriot psychotherapist and author from London.

He was visiting North Cyprus and came to talk to us about his first book called “The Secrets of Existence and Fulfilment”. This fascinating interview will be aired this Saturday the 30th of July on BRT2 TV at 10.30am.

The show will be repeated at 3pm on Tuesday the 2nd of August.

Do follow us online at “A Cup of Conversation” your favourite TV show by clicking  here 

Happy viewing and do have a great weekend…..

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North Cyprus – Starlux Cinema presents Week commencing 29th July 2016

Starlux Cinema presents

Week commencing 29th July 2016

We give below the films which are being shown at the Starlux Cinema, Karaoğlanoğlu for week commencing Friday 29th July until Thursday 4th August 2016.

Starlux 29th July

Continue reading

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North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 28.7.2016

TRNC News Today

Özgürgün: “We are taking serious measures against the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETO)”

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün stated that the Government was taking serious measures against the FETO at sea and airports in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Ozgurgun - serious measures

Prime Minister Özgürgün answered questions from TRT News following his visit to Ankara. The Prime Minister said that the TRNC included the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) on its list of terrorist groups after the coup attempt in Turkey on 15 July. The decision has been approved by the Council of Ministers.

Prime Minister Özgürgün added: “We will not make the slightest concession with regards to the FETO. We will continue our investigations in close cooperation with Turkey’s intelligence service.”

Discussing the ongoing negotiation process in Cyprus, the Prime Minister said: “The Greek Cypriots are responsible for the fact that this issue has not been solved for 48 years. They did not accept Turkey’s offer to help fight the large fire in Troodos. A solution can only be possible with the goodwill of both sides. We continue to hope for the negotiations to succeed.”……  Continue reading

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North Cyprus – Charity – Rematch of the Pink Ladies vs Pink Hooters for Tulips – 16th Oct.

Rematch of the

Pink Ladies vs Pink Hooters for Tulips

Message from Tulips……..

Hello readers!

Ladies Football Match in aid of Tulips (Help Those With Cancer Association)

16th October 2016 @ 2pm – Alsancak Football Stadium

We are pleased to announce that the date (above) has been set for a fun filled afternoon of family entertainment followed by the eagerly awaited rematch of the Pink Ladies vs. Pink Hooters.

The Memorial Hospital, Turkey, is sponsoring this event once again with football kits, bib’s, posters and a calendar also Iktisatbank are backing the teams all the way with, for the 2nd Tulips footballyear running, a donation of 500TL to Tulips to kick start the funds!

We also have Sh-Boom (who are regularly supplying the ladies with after training liquid refreshment), King’s Kebab, Cyprus Active, Lemar Supermarkets, Firat Ataser (Alsancak Mayor) and Redif Nürel (Club Chairman) with further sponsors coming on board every week.

Last year the Ladies football team raised in excess of 6000TL; which they are aiming to beat this year. If there are any further potential sponsors interested in being a part of this fantastic event then please contact Kelly on 0533 842 0089.

There are still some available places so if any ladies are interested in joining then please contact Kelly on 0533 842 0089 or turn up at the Alsancak Football Stadium training ground on Tuesday’s at 6pm.

Further details will be released in the forthcoming weeks.

Thank you

Sue and Carole
Tulips – Help Those With Cancer Association

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North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 27.7.2016

TRNC News Today

Akıncı: “Territory, security and guarantees will be discussed on Friday for the first time”

President Akıncı stated that “territory, security and guarantees” will be discussed at the next Leaders meeting for the first time but that exact details (such as the name of places) would be discussed at a later stage.

Akinci - Territory etc to be discussed

In a press statement following yesterday’s Leaders meeting, President Akıncı announced that both sides want to reach a solution to the Cyprus problem in 2016 and it is still possible to achieve this. Akıncı noted that positive steps had been taken at every meeting, and that during yesterday’s meeting, some new points of agreement were reached.

President Akıncı explained that while some difficult issues still remain unsolved, they can be overcome through mutual understanding and determination.

President Akıncı also affirmed that, as a leader of the same generation as Anastasiades, their experience of the Cyprus problem suggests that the current process represents the last chance for a federal solution.

Intensified talks between the two sides are set to resume in the second half of August following a short break…..  Continue reading

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