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North Cyprus – Information for all Households – KIB-TEK remote electronic meter project

Information for all Households

KIB-TEK remote electronic meter project

By Margaret Sheard….

Many people will have received an SMS message from Kib-TekKIBTEK these days asking for information to be sent to 9898 in respect of the new remote electronic meter project which will eventually replace the existing arrangement of manually read meters with paper bills being supplied.

This is the SMS message which many people will have received.

“For every electricity meter registered on our consumers’ name, we kindly ask them to send us an SMS for each meter individually from the GSM number they want to receive their electricity billing information on.  This SMS will be free and should be sent to 9898.  This SMS should include identification number, account number, name and surname and an email address, with a space after each information.  Electricity Authority of Northern Cyprus (KIB-TEK).”

Tüketıcı/consumer No.        *********

Hesap/Account No.             *********

Adı /First Name  (Fred)   Soyadı /Family Name  (Bloggs)

Email address :                     ***********

On reading a Facebook message from KP Daily News, this reassured readers that the SMS messages were not a hoax and consumers need to respond. The article included the information which needs to be supplied, which differed from the SMS message in respect of the listed order of the items required.  To see the article click here

As there seems to be some confusion, we decided to pay a visit to the Electricity Office in Girne to establish the correct procedure to be followed. We were told that the information required to be sent by SMS to 9898 is as repeated above and below.

Tüketıcı/consumer No.        *********

Hesap/Account No.             *********

Adı /First Name  (Fred)   Soyadı /Family Name  (Bloggs)

Email address :                     ***********

As normal where there is a language problem it is not always easy to understand a new procedure which no doubt will become clear in due course but will obviously result in many questions being asked, example as follows:-

  1. Do all Kib-tek customers have mobile phones?
  2. Expat customers who own a property but only visit infrequently, unless they have arrangements to have their electricity bill paid by an agent, will presumably not know of these new arrangements.

So is SMS billing something to worry about?  NSA allegedly collecting mobile phone text messages worldwideIn principle – No.  For example my partner has a contract account with Turkcell and receives a monthly bill by SMS with a due date and he visits the local office to make payment.  It should be added that they also provide a facility for direct debit payments.

Therefore, as far as Kib-tek are concerned no doubt we will learn more of their intended billing and payment system in due course.

There is an article on the internet which gives interesting information – Kamstrup bags smart meter tender in Northern Cyprus – to read this click here

You can also read about the new system on the Kib-Tek website click here

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North Cyprus – St Andrew’s Church, Kyrenia – Visit to Kozanköy School

St Andrew’s Church, Kyrenia

Visit to Kozanköy School

By Margaret Sheard….

We have received news of the good work of St Andrew’s Church in Kyrenia when the Chaplain – Rev’d Wendy Hough and the Treasurer Frank Gillin and his wife Joan visited Kozanköy School.  Following is the comment about the visit.

“Visit by St. Andrews Church Chaplain, Rev Wendy Hough plus treasurer Frank Gillin and wife Joan, to the school in Kozankoy. Pictured also are the mayor of Lapta, the headmistress of the school and members of the parent governor association. The church is pleased to be able to contribute towards restructuring a dangerous roof and balustrade. Wonderful opportunity to build relationships with our gracious Cypriot hosts.”

It is so nice to receive news of the nice things that happen in North Cyprus and the way in which people can help each other and, as stated in the comment above, build relationships.

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North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 28th July 2015

TRNC News Today

Akıncı: “The issue of land and ownership discussed within the framework of the negotiations”

President Akıncı said that within the framework of negotiations, criteria on ownership and land issues were discussed yesterday. Akıncı indicated that the months leading up to the end of the year were important and added that he still believed a solution was possible as long as they continue with this determination and faith, within months not in years.

In his statement Akıncı stated that they had the second and last meeting of July and it was held in a positive atmosphere. He pointed out that the next leaders meeting will be held on 1st September.Land issue

Special Adviser of the UN Secretary-General on Cyprus Mr. Espen Barth Eide also participated in the meeting. The consensus reached at the previous meeting was confirmed at the meeting, and then they exchanged views on the criteria on ownership and land issues. He pointed out that the next leaders meetings were scheduled for the 1st and 14th of September although the negotiators and technical committees would continue to meet in August.

Akıncı said: “I hope both communities can live in peace, tranquillity and confidence in our country in a bi-communal, bi-zonal frame with a federal structure. Thus our future generations will find the opportunity to live in a happy and peaceful island”.

President Akıncı reminded that within the framework of the cultural events he is going to attend a music concert with the Greek Leader Anastasiades at Othello Tower tonight. UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide will also attend this event.

Eide made a statement on behalf of the two leaders

Special Adviser of the UN Secretary-General on Cyprus Mr. Espen Barth Eide made a statement on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot leader Mr. Mustafa Akıncı and the Greek Cypriot leader Mr. Nicos Anastasiades after the meeting of the two leaders yesterday. In his statement Eide said:

“Today, the Turkish Cypriot leader, Mr. Mustafa Akıncı, and the Greek Cypriot leader, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, continued to make progress towards their shared vision of a united, federal Cyprus. The positive and results orientated climate of the talks continue to foster Eide statement for leadersthe progress required towards conclusion of a settlement as soon as possible. Today’s meeting focused on issues of property and criteria on territory. Regarding property, the leaders agreed that the individual’s right to property is respected. There shall be different alternatives for the regulation of the exercise of this right. Dispossessed owners and current users shall have various choices regarding their claims to affected properties. These different choices shall include compensation, exchange and reinstatement. The exercise of any such choice shall be subject to agreed criteria. There shall be a list of categories of affected properties. There shall be an independent Property Commission mandated to resolve property claims based on mutually agreed criteria. The Property Commission shall comprise of an equal number of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot members.

The leaders also underlined their commitment to maintain the momentum of the process and decided that their next meetings will be held on 1 and 14 September. The negotiators will continue to meet intensively between leaders’ meetings in support of this endeavour. Over the coming days the negotiators will have joint sessions with the Working Groups on European Union Matters, Property and the Economy to more effectively guide their work.

The leaders welcomed the reappointment of Mr. Pieter Van Nuffel as the Personal Representative of the President of the European Commission to the UN Good Offices Mission in Cyprus.

The leaders were briefed on the informal consultations held with the United Nations Security Council last week. They welcomed the strong expressions of support of the members of the Council for a settlement in Cyprus.

In the prevailing positive climate, the two leaders will tomorrow participate in a musical event at the Othello tower as agreed by the technical committee on culture.”

Çolak: “Political will in Cyprus in favour of a solution”

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak has expressed optimism regarding Emine Colakefforts to reach a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus Problem. “We are hopeful of achieving a positive result. If not in 2015, I foresee a settlement in 2016” she said. Foreign Minister Çolak speaking in an interview to the Turkish Anatolian News Agency (AA) said that they intended to bring the negotiations to a point of everyone’s interests and pass these stages to complete the major work to be done. Minister Çolak expressed that the Cyprus issue has been described as a problem for more than half a century and pointed out that Turkish Cypriots are removed from the international community and have been punished.  “A generation was able to maintain their life in a deadlock.  We are tired of the uncertainty and the status problem.  We have to solve it and that solution is closer now” she said.

Music at Othello Tower continues to draw fire

President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot Leader Nicos Anastasiades are expected to attend a bi-communal concert which is named “our music under the moonlight” at the recently renovated Othello Tower in Famagusta tonight as part of the confidence building measures. According to news on Cyprus Mail published in South Cyprus, Anastasiades’s attending an event in the north has drawn fire from the political arena in the south.

Othello TowerHouse President in South Cyprus Yiannakis Omirou was one of those who criticized Anastasiades. Omirou said “it would send the wrong impression that the holder of the highest office in the land would attend an event under the conditions of military occupation”.  Although he appreciates the contact with the Turkish Cypriots on all levels was required as part of the negotiations process, the presence of “the official Cypriot state in events in the occupied north is another thing”.

The Greens also criticized Anastasiades. “Instead of Akıncı handing over the keys of the town to Anastasiades as per the resolutions of the UN  Akıncı invites him as a host at the Othello Tower,” the Greens said.

On the other hand The Citizens’ Alliance asked Anastasiades whether he would remove the ‘Republic’s’ flag from his car during his visit in the north.

They argue that even though they believe that confidence building measures can cultivate a positive climate, the solution of the Cyprus problem will not depend on such actions.  “The President’s visits in the north basically contribute to the upgrading of the breakaway regime,” they said.

Greek Cypriots to face yet another truth

15 Noratlas transport planes took off from the Souda air base in Crete with great secrecy, as the Greeks sent in commando troops to Cyprus on 21 July 1974 at night.  Greek Cypriots will face yet another truth as excavation works begin for the person who died as a result of a gunshot fired by the Greek Cypriot National Guard near Nicosia International Airport.

Greek Cypriot daily Politis published some details about the operation of the Greek commando troops, nicknamed ‘Niki’ (victory). The newspaper also published the testimony of the Greek Cypriot who buried the transport plane, which was shot down, with the people inside. The testimony was taken by the Greek Cypriot police as part of a search for missing persons on 22 December 1999.

Kyprianou supports negotiation process

Secretary-General of AKEL, Andros Kyprianou, stated that they Andros Kyprianousupport the negotiation process even though they strongly disagree with the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades, however they do not give him a blank cheque. Saying that they work for a bi-zonal bi-communal federation with political equality as defined in the relevant Security Council resolutions, Kyprianou holds that the settlement will not include guarantees as he defines them as ‘anachronistic’ for an EU member state. President of the Greek Cypriot Green Party, Giorgos Perdikis, reacted angrily to the fact that President Mustafa Akıncı and Anastasiades will attend a concert together at the Othello Tower. Defining it as ‘wrong place at the wrong time’, Perdikis holds that Anastasiades is causing the opportunity of Greek Cypriots agreeing a settlement to be lost with irreversible damage as he is rushing to convey a message of determination towards a settlement to the Turkish Cypriots and foreigners.

TRNC Public Information Logo imageSource: TRNC Public Information Office –

To read more news and information from the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please click here

Many of the pictures shown are courtesy of the TRNC Public Information Office Facebook page.

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North Cyprus – Little Society of Kyrenia glides in as a Charity

Little Society of Kyrenia

Glides in as a Charity

By Chris Elliott…….

Sometimes you need time to sit and reflect on everything you have learned or experienced before you can write with feeling about a subject and for me this was the case with the Little Society of Kyrenia.

Over the past three years I have been writing reports either in newspapers or on the internet about the Little Society of Kyrenia and their quiet but effective activities in terms of donations being made to mainly help disabled and underprivileged children.

Almost 3 years ago I met John Graham MBE who was the founder of the Little Society of Kyrenia and I have admired his quiet determination  to find a wayJohn Graham and Tom Roche ready to jump to help others.

For me this past week was a wonderful occasion as I was able to go along to witness the paraglide by John Graham and his friend Tom Roche whose landing was very timely as it coincided with the news that LSOK had become registered as a TRNC charity with the Turkish name of Girne Kücük Çoçüuklar Cemiyeti being published in the Official Gazette.

To see those excited but happy faces back on earth was wonderful and also to receive the following information so that we may share it with our many readers.

John Graham talked of LSOK’s past activities which has seen more than 700,000TL donated to good causes and someone suggested a leap of faith might be appropriate and he said. “I was a bit apprehensive but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I would like to thank Tandem Paragliding and all those who came to support me.”

Among those was Creditwest Bank’s CEO Dr. Süleyman Erol and Karaoğlanoğlu Branch Manager Deniz Oralman. Creditwest has pledged to support the Little Society over the coming year.

Dr. Erol said: “We get many requests for assistance and we have to look at them all very carefully. We think the Little Society of Kyrenia is a very good cause that has already done some wonderful things for the children of this country, so we are happy to help them.”

John Graham added: “The Little Society tries to support those who find it difficult to attract funds John Graham in Flightfrom other sources and those who try to help themselves. We concentrate on helping children as we believe that if they can develop their skills, talents and aspirations, they have the potential to change their lives. “

The Society has paid to sponsor poor children to attend the English School of Kyrenia and the Happy Land Nursery School. For the past three years it has paid for a speech and physiotherapist for the Special Needs School in Karakum. It has provided equipment for a number of schools including laptops, printers, projectors and first aid boxes and donated a kitchen to the Children’s Welfare Association.

It has also donated to the Ziyamet Primary School in the Karpaz so that the children could visit a hospital, bakery, newspaper, plant trees and go to the cinema and funded children from the Ziyamet Special Needs School to attend the Esentepe Fun Run with a special lunch and medals for doing a short walk. It has provided toys for children at Girne state hospital and sponsored a trip to the UK for the Soyer basketball team.

The Society has also supported organisations outside their normal remit where they feel they make a significant contribution to the people of the island.  These have included donations to the British Cemetery Committee and the Rotary Club.

The Little Society also believes it is important to teach English to the children of North Cyprus and it will be working with the English Language Association, the ELA, whose chairman, Living magazine publisher Tom Roche, joined Mr Graham on his jump.

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Health Care – Addiction and the Human Brain

Health Care

Addiction and the Human Brain

By Michael de Glanville & Viola Edward….

Triune Brain

Understanding the principal functions of the human brain makes it easier to see how we, as a conscious and intelligent species, have Triune Brainbeen able to grow into the most powerful creatures on this planet. This power can be used in positive and negative ways, we can be amazingly creative and loving and we have also become the most destructive of the species. Understanding the functioning of the brain also gives us an insight as to why we are so prone to addictive behaviours. In the “Triune Brain” model, according to Dr. Paul D. Maclean, there is the original “Reptilian brain”, involved in behaviors of aggression, dominance and territoriality, the “Limbic System”, which is the instinctive inner core of the brain and the surrounding “Neo-Cortex”, the most recent brain structure, found uniquely in higher mammals specifically humans. The Neo-Cortex has logical and thinking capacities, conferring the ability for language, abstraction, planning, and perception.

Instinctive Limbic Functions

Our survival and successful propagation as a species over 200,000 years ago was probably due to the instinctive functioning of Limbic System. The subsequent development and enlargement Limbic Systemof the Neo-Cortex areas then began to add the cognitive reasoning skills, which enabled us to make rational and logical choices. The Limbic system supports a variety of functions, including emotion, instinctive behaviour, motivation, long-term memory and olfaction. It appears to be primarily responsible for emotional life, and it has a great deal to do with the formation of memories. Concerning instinctive behavior, it initiates actions to ensure survival like eating and drinking, like sweating or shivering, also breathing while sleeping and not falling. It initiates actions to avoid pain (body damage is a threat to survival). It initiates actions to seek out pleasure, like being drawn out to the warmth of the sun, or in to the cooling water of a stream, like finding safe and comfortable sleeping places at night, like instinctive sexual mating (procreation ensures survival of the species). The Limbic System does not use reasoning. Feelings of guilt or remorse concerning the consequences of its actions are not a consideration.

Ensuring Survival

The Limbic system has instinctive reactions to various sensations and perceptions. For the Limbic, life is very simple. Hungry? Then search for food. Thirsty? Then look for water. Perceiving Danger? Then run, or turn and fight. Uncomfortably hot? Start sweating. Getting cold? Begin shivering. Feeling Pain? (a physical threat to survival) move quickly away from the perceived source. Feeling bored or stressed? (discomfort) Seek sexual pleasure and mate. (Ensures species survival). The interbreeding human groups that had effective survival reactions lived longer than those with weak ones and so became more numerous, propagating the more effective system. (Darwinian theory of Evolution). With this dynamic of ‘survival of the fittest’, continuing since the emergence of the early humans, we can understand why our instinctive survival system still remains an important influence in our behaviour.

Rational Neo-Cortex

During this same period of our evolution, brain size continued to increase, developing into the Neo-Cortex area of the brain, which had Neo-cortexcognitive (thinking) skills, higher reasoning capacities and was capable of rationalizing and making logical decisions. Creating plans for the future became possible, thereby greatly improving the effectiveness of the brain at making successful survival choices. Primitive tools and weapons were created and used for hunting and defense. Intelligent groups migrated to more fertile areas, where water was always available. They avoided extreme weather zones. However, none of this changed the reality that the slightest hesitation at a dangerous moment could be fatal, so the Limbic system continued to provide its rapid, instinctive survival decisions to good effect.

How we use Intelligence

As the brain developed this more powerful capacity to defend and survive, it also began to use those higher reasoning capacities to plan offensive actions aimed at increasing security, acquiring valuable resources and subjecting weaker, more primitive groups. The rational and logical actions of the cognitive Neo-Cortex gradually evolved beyond the primitive, instinctive survival actions of the Limbic. The behavior patterns became more intelligent, but also more aggressive and domineering. The state of today’s world is a good example of the power of this intelligence. We observe an overwhelming focus on domination, on being the most powerful. Entire nations are engaged in instinctive and destructive conflict with each other whilst simultaneously developing peaceful scientific progress and wonders of engineering. We have walked on the moon and we have also detonated nuclear bombs. Collectively, consciously and for material benefit, our global industries are contributing to devastating climatic and environmental changes. We have three minds. The human species has become the most powerful form of life on this planet, but look at the disaster that is being made of that responsibility. Our intelligence is a powerful asset, for good or for bad; it just depends on how we choose to use it.

Addictive behaviours

Let us take a look at why our powerful ‘Three Mind,’ brain system has a weakness to addictive behaviour. There are Addictionmany well-known addictions prevalent in society today, among them Nicotine, Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Shopping, Sexual addictions and Internet Gaming. For example, we shall consider the Sexual addiction to Internet Pornography. In parallel with most of the addictive behaviours, the addiction to porn is capable of destroying loving relationships, family structure and self-esteem. It brings with it deep feelings of secrecy and shame that are so toxic to the healthy mind.

The shock of pornography

Pornography problems commence early, when inquisitive children, usually aged only 8 to 12 years, playing on the Internet, come across highly explicit images of sexual intercourse and nudity. Parents are mostly unaware that this is taking place and also ignorant of the harmful consequences. Controlling children’s exposure to porn on the Internet is not easy and few parents will manage this responsibility effectively. This first visual experience is shocking and yet appeals to the latent sexuality in the child and to their fascination for things that adults try to keep secret. The images stir up strange and pleasurable feelings and there is also an intuitive awareness that this activity is a secret and not something to run and tell Mum about. “Muuum! I was on the Internet just now and do you know what I saw, there was a man and a woman with no clothes on and…” It just doesn’t happen does it? In fact, the opportunity for defusing this situation had already passed some time before, when no explicit and loving explanations about healthy sex were forthcoming from the parents. The visual memory of the sexual images impacts the child’s Limbic system and is stored as a pleasure along with other instinctive survival issues.

Neural Network Pathways

What happens next is the creation of a Neural Network Pathway. Neural networkWhenever the child or teenager is feeling bored, lonely or tired, the Limbic system senses the discomfort; the ‘emotional pain’ and immediately the survival instincts pop up. The Limbic then moves to ‘avoid pain’ by searching for a pleasure. A stored pleasure activity is sexuality. ‘Sexuality relieves pain’ and is available by going (secretly) to an Internet pornography site. The confusing connection between good and bad (pleasure versus secret shame) is also stored in this memory. The voyeuristic hook-up between the pleasure and shame of the sexual images is re-encountered and enjoyed and the Neural Network Pathway begins to be created and reinforced as the experience of stimulation and satisfaction is repeated. The Limbic has classified the action, through its connection with sexuality, as ‘necessary for survival’ and so the reaction gets repeated many times over and this Pathway becomes a habitual behavior pattern and creates a craving, a template for returning over and over again to that particular action. This is the fundamental nature of the addiction. We are programmed by our instinctive survival system. We are ‘hard wired’ to react this way. The behavior quickly develops into an addiction.

Programmed to Survive?

The dynamic of this process is essentially the same when we consider how people become addicted to smoking, drinking, drug taking and gambling. Various attempts have been made by society to curb these addictions, like or contemporary printing of ‘death warnings’ on cigarette packets, declaring the 1920’s Prohibition in the USA, making the sale and possession of drugs illegal and punished by imprisonment, none of which have come close to healing the causes of the addictions. We are astonished to see people with lung cancer continuing to smoke. Why do alcoholics continue to drink when their lives are falling apart? They are all simply following a template of survival actions programmed by the Limbic Brain and this ‘hard-wired’ template is very difficult for us to erase.

Next week we shall be continuing in more detail with Addiction to Internet Pornography…

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North Cyprus – Why were legal entertainers forced to leave?

Why were legal entertainers forced

to leave North Cyprus?

By Chris Elliott…….

The  weekend of July 18th we saw Cyprus Today newspaper grab the headlines with a sensational article entitled “Music Duo Exit After Bar Brawl” and one can only say that any act of violence or loss of control is not acceptable but why should it have happened. For those readers who have not read this newspaper article click here to view press cuttings.

In our recent article “North Cyprus entertainers dispute with ASAP is over, or is it?click here to view we wrote that we had observed  in the Cyprus Today newspaper dated June 20th on pages 1 and 6 (click here to view) about the TRNC entertainers’ dispute and they were reporting that the Girne Labour department were saying that only TRNC citizens are able to work part-time and that other foreign nationalities could only work full-time providing their employer has obtained a work permit for them.

It was further said that the Girne Labour Department had stated that if existing work permits were cancelled by the employer then the individuals were required to leave the TRNC by law and re-enter after a new application has been made by a new employer for a work permit.

In a previous issue of Cyprus Today newspaper on June 6th (page 6)  it was reported that the TRNC Employment Office had agreed a budget to cover the cost of evening spot checks which had begun so it seems they are taking the question of illegal working by entertainers very seriously to read the press cuttings. On a recent visit to a restaurant I observed what were confirmed to be 2 representatives from the local Labour Office and it would seeGlen King and Andrew Taitm that they were checking paperwork and asking about entertainment at the premises in question.

So you may ask what was this all about that on a chance encounter between some of the opposing protagonists that it led to the loss of control and attempted act of violence that occurred. It would seem that a number of people had been making inferences and suggestions about two legal entertainers on a local forum and this was again highlighted in the Cyprus Today newspaper report on the forum accusations click here

The conflict between the two groups had now come to a head as we have seen but sadly there seemed to have been no reports of the promise of the authorities to crack down on illegal entertainers or those who use them. You can only feel sympathy for those other legal entertainers who want to contribute to the TRNC and bring quality entertainment and let’s hope that they also do not become the next victims of similar activities.

This weekend’s issue of the Cyprus Today newspaper (25th July 2015) brings us a letter from a person unnamed which says “there has never been any such campaign, there is no witch hunt click here to view.

There  was also  an excellent summary about the goings on in this affair by well-known writer Tom Roche in which he said “Britain is at last making a concerted effort to stamp out a culture of bullying in the playground and the workplace. It’s a nasty trait that some of our expats seem to have brought with themclick here to view.

Of Andrew Tate and Glen King, Northern Cyprus has lost such great talent and high quality entertainers and their departure will have saddened so many people who knew them or just enjoyed their distinctive style of entertainment.

On another issue we have always said that cyprusscene is not a forum and it was so sad to see a local forum that was misused for seemingly 24 hours with a posting as mentioned above by Cyprus Today before it was deleted by the moderators. Choice is important in life and our readers who like forums might like to consider perhaps as an alternative to their normal choice “North Cyprus Forum the friendly forum for friendly people”. click here.

Editors Note: As so much comment has already been made on a forum and in the newspaper, no comments will be accepted on this cyprusscene review article as it will serve no purpose.

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RBL – Sergeant Samuel McGaw – Remembrance Service At Old British Cemetery, Kyrenia

Royal British Legion

Sergeant Samuel McGaw

Remembrance Service At Old British Cemetery

By Margaret Sheard….

A very poignant event took place at the Old British Cemetery on001 Sgt Samuel McGaw VCWednesday 22nd July to pay respects to Sergeant Samuel McGaw VC of the Black Watch 42nd Regiment of Foot on the occasion of the 137th anniversary of his death during deployment in Cyprus.  Sgt McGaw is buried in the Old British Cemetery along with 4 other members of the Black Watch who succumbed to the heat or malaria in 1878 – Private George Marr, Private James McDonald, Private Steven Troubridge and Private James Barrie.

The Royal British Legion Kyrenia Branch organised the event and thanks must be given to Major Brian Thomas BEM (Ret’d) and his team of supporters who had spent time to ensure that the Old British Cemetery was looking its best for the occasion.

Black Watch members

Attending the service were members of the Black Watch 3rd Battalion – The Royal Regiment of Scotland who are currently serving with Op Tosca 22 at Ledra Palace where they have completed 4 months of their 6 month tour of duty and they were delighted to be able to take part in this remembrance service for one of their past very colourful characters.  Revd Wendy Hough and Padre Phillip Paterson

The current Padre, Phillip Paterson, was joined by Revd Wendy Hough from St Andrew’s Church, Kyrenia and together they conducted the service of respect which had been organised by the RSM of the Black Watch, WO1 Paddy Marshall.  A tribute was given by C. Sgt. Currie followed by a song “The Stoutest Man in the Forty Twa”.

Pte John Murdoch and L.Cpl. Sean McKennaThere then followed the laying of a wreath at Sgt. McGaw’s grave and the graves of the 4 other soldiers of the Black Watch nearby. The Last Post and Reveille were given by Drummer L.Cpl. Sean McKenna and the Lament by Piper Pte John Murdoch which was followed by one minute’s silence.  The service ended with the Benediction by the Padre.

We have written previously on cyprusscene about Sgt McGaw and for those who may like to view this article –Cyprus 1878 – The Black Watch Were Here –  click here

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